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Monday, November 14, 2016

The election is won, but the battle is far from over.

Warning:  This post might have a bit of tinfoil hat in it.  Or maybe more than usual depending on how much tinfoil you think I already don.   With that out of the way, let's get down to it.

First off, as I said previously, Trump supporters need to remain vigilant with what our president does.  If you voted for him, you must own every decision he makes.  Of course, doing so will prove difficult. Because even though the election was won and hard fought, the battle still continues.  CNN (and perhaps others, but I've only been paying close attention to the supposedly "most trusted news") is in a full anit-Trump propaganda mode by giving glowing wall to wall coverage of the protests going on in our country while at the same time being on the hunt for any type of evidence that Trump is either putting forth his Hitler agenda or pointing out where he's apparently not keeping his campaign promises.  So if you thought it'd be "over" after the election, you thought wrong.  What you're seeing is the left's attempt to punish those that voted for Trump by trying to portray a national outcry through the protests and also by continually trying to demoralize his supporters by claiming things like "the country took a huge step back" or that "hate wins" or "white nationalism is back!".  You know, stuff like that to make you feel extremely guilty for voting for Trump.

And if you think all this wasn't planned, think again.  While many were genuinely shocked at a Hillary loss, it's silly to think that no one on the left was prepared for the possibility of a Trump victory.  They're called contingency plans.  Remember that Democratic operatives paid people to incite violence at Trump rallies.  They've discussed how voter fraud can be committed and claims it has been used for decades.  There's emails showing collusion between pollsters and the Clinton campaign about how to oversample their polls.  What this means is pollsters were deliberately trying to make the polls favorable for the Clinton campaign by oversampling a demographic known to largely vote for Hillary.  There's also email showing collusion between the media conducting interviews for Ted Cruz and Donald Trump and the Clinton campaign, with the media asking what questions they should ask them.  So if they were THIS coordinated to get Hillary elected, do you think they're just gonna go "Oh well, we lost, might as well pack it up"?  Oh no, these are Alinksyites we're talking about.  Losing the election is definitely a major setback, but it's not total defeat.  To think otherwise is foolish.

These protests are organized with paid protesters in the mix.  They're deliberately trying to draw an incident that will legitimize their resistance.  They're looking for the opposition to mess up.  The media is waiting for them to do so.  Leftist operatives are waiting for it to take place so they can pounce on it to further their agenda.  It's textbook Alinsky tactics.

But, you might say, "Obama and Clinton called for unity and a peaceful transition!"  Well, yes, they have to.  If they didn't; if they raised the call to arms themselves, then it ties the violence and damage these riots are causing directly to them.  They are directly and publicly responsible.  That moves them farther from power, which is what an Alinskyite would not do.  However, they play nice and it forces the winners, and the right, to lower our guard and extend their hand in unity, looking gracious in defeat all while the operatives underneath keep doing what they're doing.

What's telling is that neither Obama or Hillary have came out to publicly denounce these riots.  Which they should.  If they're calling for a peaceful transition, then they should tell their ardent supporters to calm and back off.  But they haven't.  Yet, you have Bernie Sanders, whom is a socialist but NOT an Alinskyite telling them to stop.  He's not part of the inner circle loop, which is obvious by the way he was treated in the primaries.  Yet Obama and Hillary are.  They won't tell these people to stop.  They're just waiting for this protest to produce the incident.

What is this incident?  It could be a variety of things, but the bottom line intent is that these protests are designed to provoke a response from either Trump supporters, republicans, law enforcement, etc that makes it look like the protesters are being oppressed.  Maybe some protesters get run over when blocking traffic (by someone just not paying attention).  Maybe some protesters get beaten down or shot in a chaotic situation.  The facts for the incident won't matter.  All that matters is that some "peaceful" protesters got hurt and are being oppressed.

After such an incident, you can bet there will be calls for a variety of central power grabbing actions.  It could be that martial law is declared because the incident set off nationwide chaos in urban areas.  It could be a call to institute a federal police force to supersede local law enforcement.  It could be declaring a state of emergency that somehow delays or usurps the transitional political process.  It could be trying to push forward some type of emergency injunction in the court that stops Trump from taking office.

We'll all have to wait and see how long these protests continue.  It's been nearly a week. If it lasts much longer, it points more to something organized and planned than it does to a spontaneous grassroots uprising.  Because I'm sorry, but your every day college age American doesn't simply upend their daily life day after day to protest.  The anger will wear off.  The reality will set in.  They'll have to go back to work or school.  Life will carry on.  The only way to keep them going is through paid and professional organization.  And even if the incident never occurs, which is possible, the battle rages on as the media will continue to punish the American people who voted for Trump.  Leftist outlets will continue to write scathing mockery after scathing mockery.  They will continue to foment resentment and division every step of the way with the end goal of trying to turn the tide politically in their favor.

It's going to take courage and resilience to see through it all.  If we thought the election was bad, this is easily worse since at least before the election liberals were simply smug and mocking in thinking they'd win.  Sure, they'd chastise Trump supporters accordingly, but ultimately they'd win, so no big whoop.  But now that  they lost and their reality has been shattered, they're going to do their worst to make the rest of us pay for our supposedly horrible decision.

Stay strong America.  Stay strong Trump and team.  Pray for strength and the courage to fight against these lies.  We've been handed a major victory.  Let that remind us that we are on the right path.