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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Evangelicals, Conservatives, and Republicans: Trump IS the breakthrough candidate you've been waiting for. Here's why you should vote for him.

It's both hard to believe the election is so close and also somewhat of a relief that it's almost over.  This post was going to be entitled something like my case or my plea to vote for Trump.  But then I realized how pathetic that sounds and how many of those "case for Trump" posts already lose because of that.  It's a tacit admission that he's a terrible candidate that one should hold their nose for when voting.   From the get go, the amount of respect for the post and/or author is lowered, even when a Trump supporter reads it.

What I'm attempting to do today is convince you that Donald Trump is a breakthrough candidate and that you can vote for him with positive confidence.  While stopping the most corrupt politician and establishment this country has ever seen  and preventing an imbalanced liberal Supreme Court are two very important reasons to vote for Trump, they just don't seem like big enough reasons to vote for Trump for a decent chunk of the Republican base.  And while preventative voting is indeed a smart use of one's vote (contrary to what many Johnson supporters say), it doesn't generate enthusiasm.  And that's important.  Enthusiasm is the biggest factor in guaranteeing someone makes it to the polls.  Enthusiasm also spreads socially among peers, which has the chance to bring even more people to the booth.  Without it, you have a voter that although they'll vote for Trump to stop Hillary, might not conjure up the motivation to actually make it to the polls on election day.  And that's what I'm trying to do: generate some enthusiasm by persuading you that Trump is a good candidate.  Not only is he a good candidate, he's a breakthrough candidate.

What do I mean by breakthrough candidate?  A breakthrough candidate is one that defies political norms.  A breakthrough candidate is one that is able to reach down and connect with the American public on a visceral level.  A breakthrough candidate is one that ignites enthusiasm.

For decades, many conservatives, evangelicals, and Republicans have been looking for a breakthrough candidate.  Someone that isn't beholden to special interests.  Someone that respects the Constitution.  Someone that will fight against political correctness and the bullying tactics of liberals.

Donald Trump is all of those.  But why hasn't he been acknowledged as such?  Because many who've been waiting for this breakthrough candidate were waiting for another Ronald Reagan.  In other words, many set their expectations for a very specific individual, character and all.  But, by doing so, they've unintentionally blinded themselves to Trump's breakthrough candidacy.  One parallel that comes up for me is to remember that the pharisees rejected Jesus largely because they were expecting the Messiah to be a mighty, kingly conqueror that would save them from Roman occupation.  Now I'm not claiming Trump to be some kind of political Jesus.  That's not only ridiculous, but blasphemous.  What I am saying though is that God will send us people in times of need that aren't what we're expecting.  Paul is another such example.  David another.

Specifically, here's why Trump is a breakthrough candidate:

  • He's not a politician.  He's a businessman.  While many of his interactions play the same kind of game as politics, he's never been an elected official.  This is breakthrough since distrust for career politicians as at an all time high.  People are tried of hearing the same platitudes from well spoken politicians that have resulted in nothing or even worse: betrayal.  He doesn't robotically repeat the same stump speech over and over or seem like he's brainlessly listening to political consultants.  This makes him appear far more genuine.
  • He's not beholden to special interests.  One the main themes in Washington politics for the past decade has been self serving corruption that perpetuates.  The optics into corruption have been magnified by the revelations of Project Veritas and Wikileaks.  One of the biggest discerned causes for corruption is special interests, or in plain terms, rich people paying off politicians for policies and decisions favorable to them and their own interests.  Once again, this has been magnified by the exposure of pay for play at the Clinton Foundation when Clinton was Secretary of State.  People want a leader that has their interests first and foremost.  Being a billionaire himself, he has the capacity to not owe any big donors any favors and can work toward the policy he's campaigning on.
  • He rejects political correctness.  By being as bold as he's been, he's been able to cut through the political correctness filter that has debilitated so many politicians.  Many on the right see political correctness as weapon used by the left to neutralize some of the hard truths this country faces.  His ability to speak plainly and boldly is another big sign of being a real genuine leader.  
  • He puts all Americans first.  While the left's obsession with identify politics that divide us into racial, gender, and financially based voter blocs, Republicans have also been known to do this by only appealing to their base.  They don't attempt to reach out to the other side and persuade them to come over.  Trump, on the other hands, has reached out to everyone.  He's campaigned in heavily Democratic states to get his message out.  He's made inroads to the black community, saying things many on the right have been saying for years and have been waiting for a candidate to say them.  Many Americans are tired of taking a back seat to illegal immigrants and jobs being sent oversees.   His Pro-American stance is, again, exactly what people want to see in a leader.
Of course, there are other good reasons to vote for Trump, but these are the reasons he's a breakthrough candidate.  For so long we've had Republican candidates that will talk a good talk during the campaign, but then do things completely different on Capitol Hill.  Many on the right reject big government and the globalist agenda.  But many Republican politicians, while claiming to be for limited government and putting America first, will do the bidding of whatever their big donors want them; of which, many represent global interests that do not necessarily have the American citizen as their priority.  They've let the climate of political correctness beat down their messages, if they ever had a bold message to begin with.  They believe the lie about the inevitability of the global economy "balancing" American prosperity.  In other words, they've played right into the left's hands repeatedly, whether unwittingly or not.

But then finally someone comes along that rejects all of that.  Finally someone frames our situation in a way that points to inept politicians putting us in the position we're in.  Someone bold enough to say these things and can because there's no one pulling his strings.  Someone that isn't politically correct and tells things from a perspective that breaks apart paradigms that have long been considered true and proper.  There's not been a Republican politician that has both championed free market concepts and rejected the growth of globalism at the expense of the American worker.  No one before has framed our economic woes around our politicians essentially "giving away the farm".  No one has spoken so boldly at securing our southern border.  Again, no one was saying these things.  But he was able to punch through the media filter and connect with Americans in a way a true leader does.

Furthermore, and many will not like to hear this, but Donald Trump is uniquely suited to be the breakthrough candidate.   You see, our political climate today makes it so anyone who attempts to speak truth, especially if it's politically incorrect, gets lambasted, demonized, and considered the most hateful person on the planet.  For many people, especially those who may be beholden to donors, it's enough to make them back away from what needs to be said because they cannot withstand the onslaught or become afraid their funding will dry up.  The dishonesty of the media is so bad and so slanted in favor of Democrats that it takes someone bold and in your face that only has to answer to themselves to take them on.  It requires someone over the top that also knows how to use the media to their advantage.  Someone that will not back down and isn't afraid to take the hits.   

Donald Trump is that person.  
He has the means.  
He has the demeanor.  
And he knows how to lead people from the front instead of the rear.  

No one else meets these requirements.  

How else is he a good candidate?  Here's a few other things..

His breakthrough candidacy.  Ok ok, he's a breakthrough candidate, but how does that make him a good candidate?  Well, just by the nature of his candidacy, many elements within the election cycle have had to reveal themselves to the public.  Media bias against his candidacy is at an all time high.  Some have even openly admitted to it.  Others can barely maintain a veneer of neutrality.  His lack of political correctness and his unapologetic attitude break the media built paradigm so thoroughly, it has them scrambling to take him down.  And this exposition is a good thing as it shows the public that the media is more a campaign extension of the Clinton campaign than they are a neutral party objectively reporting the news.   Also many Republicans, including the Bush family, have decided to support Hillary Clinton.  Some may blame this on Trump's reported misdeeds.  However, many Republicans already believe many politicians in Washington have the same agenda regardless if they have a D or R attached to their name.  Moving to support Clinton pretty much confirms this.  Clinton represents corruption, special interests, globalization, and the Washington status quo.   Therefore supporting Clinton means these Republicans are on board with all those.

Draining the swamp and term limits.  When's the last time a serious presidential contender put Congressional term limits on their platform?  When's the last time you've seen any R or D politician get the public traction for term limits that Trump has?  That's right, it's not happened.  People, on both sides, have been clamoring for Congressional term limits for decades.  Trump has also tied term limits to ending corruption by "draining the swamp" which is what many people on the right have done.  Congressional approval ratings are below 20% and have been for years.  Many Americans believe corruption is abundant in Washington.  Vowing to fight that as a political outsider is, again, something a good candidate for the people would promise.

Master Persuader.  Scott Adams, the creator of the comic strip Dilbert, has called Trump a master persuader by observing how Trump has operated in the debates and how he packages his messages.  Evidence for this can also come from Trump's ability to strike great business deals that has lead to his success as a billionaire running his businesses.  No matter what you may think of the guy personally, someone does not get to where he is by not being smart and being good at negotiating.  Now, while there are many things we want a president to do, the biggest factor in actually getting them done is how well the president can negotiate with all parties, particularly his political adversaries.  This is one of the main reasons Obama has been such a failure in this regard.  He's an ideologue that finds it untenable to compromise any of his beliefs.  He rarely, if at all, attempted to negotiate or work with conservatives and Republicans.  He wanted his will implemented and if Congress wouldn't bend to it, he'd attempt to go around them.  A president must be able to negotiate and work with the other side of the aisle effectively.  Something a master persuader would excel at doing.

30+ years executive leadership experience of a successful business.  Trump may not have any elected political office experience, but he has plenty of leadership experience.  And that definitely counts.  Fundamentally, government and businesses aren't that much different when it comes to managing and operation.  Probably the biggest difference is that bosses of a business have a bit more direct authority than they do in government where rules and laws are legislated by a collective body.  That means that yes, Trump cannot put the laws he wants into place on his word alone and he cannot order congress to make them.  However, there's another side to leadership many seem to ignore while focusing on the leader's direct power. And that's their ability to influence and persuade the people in his organization to go along with his ideas.  As anyone knows, a subordinate that isn't on board with what his boss is saying will still follow orders, but may do so reluctantly.  They may drag their feet and do what's needed, but nothing more.  In short, a boss may have the authority to make a subordinate do what they want even if the subordinate doesn't agree, but it won't be very productive or effective.  A good boss is able to persuade the people who work underneath them that their idea is something they can positively get behind.  And a sign of a good boss, especially one as long as Trump has been with his own company, is a sign that he knows how to be a good boss.

He is a real leader.  Being a good boss is one thing.  However, being a leader is something else.  Bosses may be able to effectively manage their domain, but it's leaders who set the course and direction for whomever they're leading.  Despite his rough exterior, Trump knows how to lead.  It's virtually innate.  It's quite clear looking at him on the campaign trail, his interviews, and his debate performances that he's in control.  Not his advisors.  Sure, he may listen to what they have to say, but the decision is ultimately his to make.  Real leaders are confident and somewhat arrogant.  You have to be if you intend to lead people.  You have to have a certain level of confidence in oneself to trust your own judgment and instincts when leading people.  Once again, you can see that in the success of his companies (though not all were successful) and also in how successful his children have become.  
He's pro life.  When it comes to measuring character, this one is really the only measurement I use for character.  As I'll discuss later, there are a lot of distractions when it comes to character.  But to me, none of those matter if you feel it's ok for a woman to allow a doctor to brutally murder the innocent child growing inside her body.  He's not completely pro-life as he's pro-life with the exceptions (rape, safety of the mother, etc.), but that shouldn't be held against him.  The fact that he's against elective abortion is what I'm largely looking for.  Of course, there are some that will point out that he's been on record at saying he's pro-choice and that he's just doing this for political purposes.  However, I have two counters for that.  First, his mind changed within the last decade when he encountered a real situation with a friend of his where an abortion was an option.  The result, where the child was not aborted, changed his mind.  People are allowed to do that.  Second, no one whose just claiming to be pro-life for political purposes says they expect to overturn Roe vs Wade based on the Supreme Court justices they pick on national television nor do they so vehemently rebuke late term abortions.  He's the only major candidate that's pro-life.

America First policies.  As stated above about being a breakthrough candidate, his policies are geared toward making America prosper first and foremost.  Illegal immigration is a huge issue both economically and from a security standpoint.  His big idea about a wall is one of the most persuasive illustrations about securing our border that it wholly resonated with many Americans.  His talk about trade deals brings up an issue no one was talking about in regards to economic prosperity and how it's hurting American jobs.  The proposed policies to tax companies for their products that are made outside of the country shows how he has American jobs as a primary interest and not simply allowing companies to make more money at the expense of American jobs.  

All of these qualities point to a candidate that has been able to break through the politically correct culture and media filter and connect with every day Americans.  And for his efforts, he's been attacked nonstop by the media and the political elites.  And that's one of the biggest indicators that he's the right candidate.  The media and the political elites fear the shake up he'll bring.  They fear it so much, they're doing all they can to influence the public against him.  

Now with all that said, you might begin to think that I'm ignoring the parts that seem to make him an unappealing candidate.  That I'm seeing through rose colored glasses and going la la la regarding the bad things that have come up about Trump.  But that's hardly the case.  I just didn't want to start off on the defensive.  Regardless, let's make one thing clear:  I'm well aware of all of Trump's misdeeds, actual and alleged.  

For example, his treatment of women.  The infamous Hollywood Access hot mic tapes.  I'm not going to defend that type of talk.  Whether it's done in private, joking around, or private, it's still wrong.  It's still wrong even if many people, including women, around the country talk like that in private.  So that makes him a misogynist pig.  (Remember he's not talking about raping them since he says the women let him do this stuff).  A character flaw? Absolutely.  A fatal character flaw in a president? Nope.  There's a couple reasons why I think this.  

One, he apologized.  As Hillary ironically pointed out, Trump never apologizes for anything.  So for him to publicly and humbly apologize to the nation lends to it being genuine than the opposite.  Trump's unapologetic attitude about a lot of things points to a man who believes apologies can be seen as weakness in a leader.  So, in my mind, he would not apologize like he did and appear as a weak leader unless he really was repentant.  

Two, as president, he's not going to be going around groping interns in the White House or groping Kate Middleton.  He just isn't.  He's got a country to run.  And I highly doubt Melania is the sort to let it slide (unlike Hillary).  It's not going to be an issue with him as President.  Keep in mind, we're electing a President, not a Pope.  And while yes, I would rather have a character who isn't a misogynistic pig, it's not a disqualifying character flaw that would turn him into a bad candidate.  

Other things to rise up are the civil suits against him where he's supposedly fleeced contractors and defrauded people out of their money.   For the former, Trump has a long history of not paying for work he considers poor quality.  Or rather, he won't pay what they are asking because the work is of poor quality according to him.  This actually happens in business all the time.  You see it all the time when people get poor quality products and contact the company who rectifies the issue by giving some type of credit or coupon.  Trump is no different in this respect.

As for the latter, specifically regarding Trump University, it's remained to be seen whether he actually did defraud people.  The case was already thrown out once and nearly twice, so to me it points to something that doesn't quite jive the con man narrative floating about.  And anyway, there's quite a few different possibilities, even if it is true.  For example, it's highly unlikely that Trump and his cohorts planned to defraud people out of their hard earned money.  What's more likely is that whoever designed Trump University was too ambitious with the promises offered.  Even if Trump approved, again it's more likely it was an oversight on his part or that later on a proper plan was not put in place to give the top tier payers access to him.  How does that all unfold after that?  Again, there's a variety of possibilities.  The point though is that this suit doesn't reveal a man intent on defrauding people their money.  It more than likely shows things got out of hand, which isn't a disqualifying quality.

At this point, you may also feel like I'm simply making excuses for Trump.  It could be seen that way.  But one thing that needs to be taken into consideration is that the sheer volume of accusations hurled at this man is more than what most people could bear.  That when someone's accused of being the next Hitler.  A racist.  A sexist.  A rapist.  A liar.  A con man.  A criminal.  When someone has that many things being thrown at them, anyone stepping up to defend against them all will look like they're making excuses simply because there's so many accusations to defend against.  Many of them are gross misrepresentations perpetuated by the media deliberately interpreting the ambiguity of Trump's words in a negative light so it fits their narrative.

Bottom line is, the most you can say about the man is he's a bit of a misogynist pig that's rough around the edges when he talks.  Again, not an ideal quality, but definitely not a quality that turns him into a terrible candidate.  

What many evangelicals, conservatives, and republicans need to get over is he's not going to be like Reagan (although he and his supporters are being attacked very similarly to what happened to Reagan and his supporters).  Many are looking for a perfect political Messiah and it's blinded them.  Because Trump isn't what they're wanting or expecting, but they're not seeing he's the candidate that's needed at this time.  

Let me repeat:

Trump is the candidate we need, not the candidate we were expecting.

  Anyone thinking of sitting on their hands and not voting or voting for the "sane" Gary Johnson (and I use that quote lightly), should give a good hard look at their misgivings of Trump and see if they're not misplaced.