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Monday, March 7, 2016

If #NeverTrump is truly serious, they'll urge Rubio and Kasich to drop out now.

In case you missed it, "Super Saturday" has shaken up the Republican primary race once again.  Cruz came away with two commanding leads while holding respectable 2nd places against Trump.  Oh, and Rubio won Minnesota, coincidentally the only state Democrat Walter Mondale won in the general election in 1984.  Kasich won nothing.  Again.  Carson suspended his campaign and did it with class by holding his announcement until his CPAC speech, giving him an opportunity to give a "farewell address", so to speak.  Smart man.

The most important thing though,was Cruz's resurgence.  Suddenly, what was looking like an inevitable Trump nomination with Rubio being our only hope is instead a real race between Trump and Cruz.  As of now, Trump has 384 delegates to Cruz's 300.  Rubio has 151 and Kasich sits distantly with 37.  I'll admit, I fully felt like Cruz was heading the way of the past two Iowa Caucus winners that did nothing after winning Iowa.  But now, since Super Tuesday, he's made a comeback in a big way.  After South Carolina, everything thought Cruz was done.  South Carolina was supposedly a state Cruz had to win.   Yet here he is, winning 5 more states in under a week.  True, Trump still won more, but Cruz has pulled closer.  Closer than Rubio has despite Rubio being the guy making the argument that he'd build the delegate count despite lack of wins.  Yet, here we are and it's Cruz with the delegate count and 6 wins under his belt.

Since Super Tuesday, the #NeverTrump hashtag has gained a lot of momentum.  Many prominent conservatives and many establishment Republicans have rallied behind it.  And while I can understand people wanting to oppose Donald Trump, I find it irritating that it's just in opposition to one candidate while there are still 3 other candidates in the field.  So they're fine with letting Hillary win by sitting on their hands in ideological protest, but seemingly not fine with rallying behind the one dude who actually has a shot at beating the Donald:  Ted Cruz.

And why is that?  It's because establishment Republicans actually hate conservatives more than they hate liberal Democrats.  Liberal Democrats and establishment Republicans both are going to the same place:  more government power.  The only difference is the liberal Democrats want to floor it and get that at 70 miles per hour while establishment Republicans are fine getting there at a leisurely 35.  However, conservatives actually want to not only halt the car from getting any closer, they actually want the car to go in reverse.  In other words, conservatives, according to establishment Republicans, want to remove the power they've accumulated and give it back to the people.  And that is far more unacceptable to an establishment politician than letting the other party win.

So if all these big name supporters of #NeverTrump want to be taken seriously, they'll start urging Rubio and Kasich to drop ASAP.  Florida and Ohio, respectively, won't save them.  There's no path to the nomination aside from the melee of a brokered convention. They should drop out now and endorse Cruz.  He's the not-Trump frontrunner and has won more than 1 state.  He's only 85 delegates behind the Donald.  He CAN catch the Donald....IF he had the full support of #NeverTrump , along with Rubio and Kasich dropping out, he'd seize the nomination.

Otherwise, all #NeverTrump looks like is a scorched earth establishment ploy that has nothing to do with embracing Republican values and everything to do with maintaining their power in Washington.