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Abortion is The Evil of our generation

So yesterday I came across a rather  appalling article  that tried to make it sound like states having increased abortion restrictions were ...

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Abortion is The Evil of our generation

So yesterday I came across a rather appalling article that tried to make it sound like states having increased abortion restrictions were a bad thing because it seems the residents of those states are seeking more home made abortions.  What's even more abhorrent is the attitude people had toward this article.  That somehow the states trying to do the right thing (you know, making it harder for someone to murder their baby) are to blame for all these "unsafe" abortions.  What's truly distressing is the attitude that seemingly millions of people have toward abortion.   This leads me to believe that it's a definite indicator of how far our society has fallen when the "disturbing" issue is what lengths the states are supposedly making women go to in order to abort their children and not the fact they're being aborted.  Almost as if the baby is treated as more of a mere annoyance than the precious life that it is.

And not surprisingly, this attitude is coming from the liberal side of things from the very liberal ThinkProgress.   These people, so enlightened as they are, don't even think twice about the travesty of hundreds of thousands precious beings being killed for convenience's sake.  And this, folks, is the true face of evil...and guess what, it doesn't look like an orange faced real estate billionaire.  This is how evil operates.  Evil wouldn't be very effective if they all looked like the monsters from Lord of the Rings.  Remember, Satan himself is called the Angel of Light and is considered one of the most beautiful beings in all of creation.  Yet he is evil.  In fact, I bet he gets quite a kick out of us saying it's ok to do probably the most evil thing imaginable on this planet:  the killing of the most innocent and vulnerable among us.  

And it's not just murder.  It's horribly brutal murder that if these doctors were to do the equivalent to a born individual, they'd rank among likes of Jeffrey Dalmer and other truly disturbing serial killers.  Yet, despite its utter brutality, somehow millions of "caring" Americans believe it's ok to do this.

In the past, it's been pointed out socialism (what liberalism ultimately leads to) is responsible for more deaths during peace time than any other ideology.  Stalin is reportedly repsonsible for 40 million deaths over a 24 year period.  Mao Zedong is responsible for 60 million deaths over a 27 year span.  Both regimes were communist (aka socialist) regimes.  When it comes to abortion just in the United States, the death toll since Roe vs Wade, a 43 year period, is 58 million.  That's just in the US.  It's estimated that 1.4 BILLION babies have been aborted worldwide since 1980.  Let's put this in perspective.  That's roughly the current population of China, the most populated country in the world.  It's also close to the population of the entire Western Hemisphere.  Either way, it's quite clear when it comes murder death tools, abortion falls right alongside with the worst dictators in history.

Abortion has stepped in to be the new mass murdering Evil of the world.  And yes, that's a capital E because it is the Evil of our generation.

And it must be thoroughly rejected and fought.

Anyone that gives the line "Well I don't condone abortion, but I support the woman's right to choose!" is tacitly support abortion.  In other words, they're saying the right of the woman to kill their unborn baby trumps the unborn baby's right to live.  It's a way for them to not feel guilty for supporting murdering the most vulnerable in our society.

Others might consider it a "mercy" to avoid being born to seemingly horrible conditions and/or parents.  That attitude perfectly illustrates what people call the liberal "culture of death".  They see death as a mercy for suffering and even suffering they think will happen.  And so it's the case here.  The problem with this is I'm pretty sure the baby inside would rather live than die and not live at all.  No one, except God, knows how their life will turn out.  They may have a hard life growing up, but then become someone inspiring later on in life.  They could be one that has a positive impact on the lives around them.  But if we follow the "mercy" crowd, it's something the baby would never get the chance to do or for us to find out.

People that are vehemently opposed to abortion are considered right wing nutjobs wanting to control a woman's body.  Again, that attitude alone illustrates the level of depravity many in our society has sunk to.  This is also an attack by the Enemy, also known as the accuser.  He wants those loudly proclaiming abortion's evils to be silenced so we can continue our supposed "civilized", Godless lives uninterrupted.

People having abortions at home shouldn't be a reason to make it easier for people to have them.  We should not allow easier access to evil just because the person committing the murder might also hurt themselves.  Heck, I prefer if it were harder to access.  Then maybe there'd be more time to think it over.  Maybe they'd realize they have options that don't involve the killing of a baby.  They could even come around to realizing the baby, no matter the circumstances of conception, is a gift from God that could change their life for the better.

While I'm not condemning the women who go through with such a horrible decision, I will condemn the practice of it and its acceptance in our culture.  People like to complain about sex and violence on television making us too desensitized.  But what about the killing of innocent babies?  Why don't we hear complaints about being indifferent to that?  It's because it's a true Evil that many don't want to face.  Don't want to admit that they may not be the good person they believe themselves to be.  Someone can be kind to others and generous, but they cannot be considered a good, moral person if they agree that it's ok for mothers to subject their unborn children to such a brutal dehumanizing murder.  I'm not going to say these people that are ok with abortion are going to burn in Hell.  That's not my place.  Only God knows their hearts.  But I will say they are continually lying to themselves if they believe themselves to be moral.

And here's a theory for you.  If we believe the liberal (socialist) agenda is ok with women killing their babies, therefore tacitly ok with baby murder and we also point out many activist agendas are liberal in nature..such as Occupy Wall Street, Code Pink, Black Lives Matter, etc.  Then perhaps the liberal propensity to fight these perceived evils is because they're unwilling to face the evil within their own heart regarding abortion?

I'm pretty sure I'll be labeled an extremist.  And in this case, I'll gladly accept that.  I'll be an extremist in pointing out the barbaric evil that preys upon the most vulnerable people of our society.  It is Evil and it needs to be called evil without hesitation.   The world needs to be reminded of the evil they condone every day.