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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Let love into your heart: The Road to Greatness

God is great.  He is the epitome of greatness.  In fact, God's divinity is something  He wants us to strive toward being more like Him.  So,  you can say God is encouraging us to greatness.  I'd also say that He's built into us an innate desire to become great.  That feeling you have that you're destined to do more than what you're currently doing? That's Him.  A little hard wiring that tells us there's something better for us out there.

Some might believe to the answer to attaining such greatness is complex and an utter mystery. The truth is,  however,  that the answer is actually pretty simple.  It's following that answer that's difficult and seemingly complex. And that's what this post,  and perhaps some others, will be about.   Simple things to do that will lead to the greatness God has in mind for us.

In this post I'll talk about keeping love in your heart.   It's funny.   I received the inspiration for this post from the pre school Sunday school class I was teaching this morning in church.   It was so simple,  yet so effectively powerful.  The main tag line was:

What's in my heart will overflow into my life.

The meaning is simple: what thoughts and emotions you fill your heart with,  that is what will manifest in your life and those in your life.  If you put goodness in your heart,  your life will be full of goodness.  If you fill your heart with negativity,  your life will be filled with negativity.

And not only does this affect you,  it affects those around you proportionately to how much they are in your life.   If you fill your heart with "bad things",  your spouse, children, family and even co workers will be affected for the worse.  However,  fill your heart with "good things",  and those same people will be better off because of it.

Of course there's a wide range of emotions and thoughts considered good and bad.   Some may even be seen as having varying levels of good and bad simultaneously.  Thankfully though,  we have a Bible that tells us what's good and bad.   Here are just a handful of each:

Good -  Joy,  gladness, humility,  peace,  and love

Bad -  Sorrow,  doubt,  shame,  jealousy,  spite,  and hate

So if you want a change in your life for the better and make a solid step toward greatness,  take stock of what's in your heart.   Ask God to reveal truth to you in this.  It may hurt and be uncomfortable when encountering some feelings that aren't good.   But give them no excuses or passes.   If you know they're bad or God reveals them to be so,  then they need to go.   Harboring spite and resentment for that ex that did you wrong?  Let it go.  Turn it into forgiveness and love.   You despise someone or a group of people for their beliefs? Turn that again into love and the understanding that these people are still God's children.  Yes,  self examination is hard.  Not because it's difficult to identify problems,  but because it's easy to write them off and ignore them.   It's hard to actually acknowledge them and then do something about them. But if you want to fill your heart with good things, this is where you start.

See? The answer is simple.   Doing it is hard.   But if you want to achieve  true greatness,  this is a simple first step in that direction.

The road to greatness is straight and narrow.   I might have more posts on this subject as I pray and God inspires me.  God bless and fill your heart with God's goodness.