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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Kim Davis is wrong, but the Left attacking her is far worse.

This is one issue I've had to pray about a lot.  I know there are many Christians that really would like to rally behind Kim Davis as some kind of modern day Rosa Parks, but I believe it really isn't so. But it's not because she is full of hate and bigotry as the Left claims.  There's a bit of nuance to it all (as always), but I think it's worth taking a look at.

So why is Kim Davis wrong?  Kim Davis is wrong not because she supposedly hates gays.  Kim Davis is wrong because she's a publicly elected official that has sworn to uphold and execute the law in the state of Kentucky.  Now, I'm not a lawyer and not not profess to know the intricacies of what happens when a state law is considered unconstitutional by the Supreme Court and/or a court order in that state directly goes against said unconstitutional law.  I don't know the legal obligations.  Maybe Kim Davis does, which is why she was asking "Under which law am I required to give marriage licenses to homosexuals?" (paraphrased by me).  So there may be some legality that needs clearing up.  Regardless, it's clear her choice not to follow the court order is based on her faith in Christ.  And while yes, she has every right to believe that marriage is only between a man and a woman, she is wrong in using that as a reason to deny service and still hold her position.  The right thing to do would have been to step down citing she could no longer fulfill her duties as clerk of court due to her religious beliefs.  If she had done this, she would not have been thrown in jail and she is not capitulating or compromising her beliefs.  As she is a newer Christian, I can understand her desire to stand up against the rampant apostasy in our country.  She just went about it the wrong way.  See, religious freedom allows us to make decisions based on religion without government reprisal, but it does not allow elected officials to simply ignore upholding laws (for the sake of simplicity I'm calling the court order to issue homosexual licenses laws).  If the official believes the act of upholding a law is against their moral code, then they are free to resign with no reprisal.  Yes, it comes at the cost of a job and/or career, but there's always a price when someone stands up in the face of opposition for what they believe in.  But if their faith in God remains, God will not let them fall away.  Bottom line is, Kim Davis should have resigned and she's in jail because Kentucky has dereliction of duty laws, not because people think she's a hateful anti gay bigot.

Speaking of those people, I had the pleasure to run across them on Facebook.  Heck, it's pretty hard not to see it over the past few days.  Whilst gloating about her imprisonment, there were several that brought out memes ridiculing her for being ugly and touting their superiority over such a "hateful, ugly" woman.  Yet, they fail to see the irony in how hateful THEY are in return.  First off, let's make it clear.  Kim Davis is NOT hateful nor a bigot.   The Left is very good at accusing (which btw, is one of Satan's primary tactics, hence the moniker "The Accuser") anyone who disagrees with their opinions as such.  They are so sure their worldview is the "correct" one that anyone that opposes is obviously a low intelligence, hate filled bigot that can barely put two sentences together.  Kim Davis finds homosexuality immoral and has said as such.  Does she hate them? I doubt it.  She doesn't like what they do, but that's not hate.  But as I said before, the Left colors everyone that doesn't like what they do as hate and further adds bigot to somehow make them seem stupid.   On top of that, they're just loving how she had a screwed up life and that somehow makes her a hypocrite even though she just converted 4 years ago and has fully admitted her past sinful life as being what it is.  Heck, she's even a Democrat.

But none of that really matters.  The people that prey upon Kim Davis are committing far more vile acts than someone denying marriage licenses to homosexuals.  And why is that?  Because despite themselves talking about love and open mindedness, they show their true colors when they find an easy target.  They're no better than the bullies they claim to be against and it's frankly disgusting.  It's not enough for people like this to simply disagree and say "hey, she's wrong!".  No, they have to revel in her imperfection and her fail.  They enjoy tearing into this woman to satiate the ugly evil hidden away in their own hearts that they're afraid to look at.

The other day my wife asked me why I continue to follow people on Facebook who say these types of things.  And the answer is simple:  It's to remind me of the true ugliness and evil that has captured our culture and woven itself into the hearts of millions of people.  It's to remind me that while I may not like what they say, I need to see it so I can pray and fight back (when it seems important to). And also to realize that they too are children of God, just lost.  They also need Him, even if they don't know it.

If there's one thing to take away from the Kim Davis thing is to realize that standing up for your beliefs will have a price.  Also, whenever someone does stand up (though she want about it wrongly), it exposes the vile ugliness in the hearts of Leftists.  All we can do is pray and find ways to say God inspired words that will help bring them out of the darkness.