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Monday, June 29, 2015

You're loved even when you're wrong - A strong Christian message

So I guess God has more for me to write.  Odd considering such a long hiatus.  But in light of the recent supreme court ruling, there's been a ton of opinions and articles linked from all spectrums of the argument.  This post is a spinoff of my post regarding my take on the gay marriage supreme court ruling .   The other day I was directed to a post to what would appear to be a very misleading, some might consider hateful title.   With a title of "why homosexuality is not like other sins", I was expecting some type of justification for the supposedly widespread "hate" that Christians supposedly have for homosexuals.  Thankfully I read it and found out that it was not the case at all.  I'll not go into detail but it's worth a read.  What I will share is a phrase that I find very good:  "You're wrong, but loved".  The phrase takes the stance of separating the sin from the sinner and showing that love transcends one's wrong doings.  

If I were to make it a little less confrontational, I'd put it as "You're loved even when you're wrong".  What's great about this phrase is that it embodies the Father's love for us as we continually fall short and do wrong things.  Yet, despite all the nasty things we'll do, including things directly hateful toward God Himself, He still loves us.  

I'm wrong all the time.  I sin all the time.  I ignore the Holy Spirit speaking to me and sin even knowing what I'm doing is wrong.  I sin even when I'm striving to be more like Him.  I'm hopeless, but even then He still loves me and accepts my repentance as if it were uttered for the first time.  

That's the type of love that needs to be communicated to people.  A love that brings people in and welcomes them into the Church.  A love that trusts the Holy Spirit to do what needs to be done.  A love that speaks truth, not condemnation. 

It's true that people do not like being told what they're doing is wrong.  And there will always be vehement resistance to when truth exposes wrong doing and lies.  And we can't be afraid to speak that truth.  But we need to have the right message that conveys that while truth exposes wrong doing, it does alter our love for the person whose vulnerability is suddenly revealed.  That's what I believe this message can do.  You're loved, even when you're wong.