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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Message to Senate Republicans: You have the power, now do something.

To say I'm thrilled to see a Republican majority Senate would be an understatement.  After 2012, I thought for sure that Republicans were terrible at campaigning and that Democrats would turn out low info voters like they did then as well.  But, seeing the results, especially Joni Ernst defeating Bruce Braley and becoming Iowa's first woman US Senator, restores a bit of my faith in the country.   I really was worried that Republicans would snatch defeat from the jaws of victory,but that was not the case and I'm quite relieved.

However, now that we have a majority in both chambers of Congress, I have a message for Senate Republicans and the presumable Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell:

You now have the power you so desperately sought, now do something with it.

Yes, by all means, take a moment to celebrate.  It was a hard fought battle that saw more money poured into congressional races than any in history.  You definitely deserve a moment to save the victory.

But that shouldn't last very long.  In fact, plans should be drafted soon on various pieces of legislation. Now that Republicans will be heading up all the Senatorial committees and Harry Reid is no longer Senate Majority leader, resistance to getting legislation onto the Senate floor should be significantly smaller come January.  Follow Scott Walker's example by having legislation ready to roll the moment Congress is in session.

The time for excuses is over.  People voted for you to see results.  They've seen the devastation of Democratic policies.  Now you'll have your turn.  Yes, there's still an exceedingly divisive Democrat in the White House, but don't let that stop you.

In fact, what I want to see is Barak Obama's desk flooded with conservative based legislation so that he gets a hand cramp veto'ing them all.

And no, forcing Obama to veto is not pointless.  If you put good legislation on his desk that he refuses to sign into law, it will do a couple profound things:

  • It will reveal that he (and Harry Reid) were the ones preventing things getting done.  They've spent countless hours blaming Republican obstruction, but what will he do now that he doesn't have Harry Reid to shut everything down?  This will put Obama on the spot and really underscore his role as a divider and not a uniter.    
  • It will show the public what a conservative leaning Republican controlled congress is capable of doing.  Yes, we've had Republican majorities in the early 2000's, but conservative influence is significantly higher than it was back then.
Doing both things will show the public that we are not afraid to do something that we feel is right.  It will show what a normally functioning congress actually is like.  Having that kind of track record going into 2016 will only help bolster our chances of putting in a Republican president that will sign good legislation into law (and perhaps pick up a few more Democratic Senate seats).  

Oh, I'm sure there'll be some squabbles between conservatives and RINOs (that the media will ceaselessly cover to portary the party as "broken"), but I fully expect those differences to be worked through.  

I have no pipe dreams of seeing pure conservative legislation happen.  We're not there yet.  But I do expect to see less government and more restraint.  I expect to see reforms happen to help our economy.  Loosen the regulations that can be loosened.  Put more money in the hands of job creators.  
After 2 years, you WILL be judged by your performance from all sides. Liberal Democrats, with the help of the media, will be doing their best to find flaws in every bill you pass, that goes without saying.  But if you fail your Republican base and the Independents you swayed, then you can expect problems in 2016.  

These next 2 years should put on display an efficient legislative machine that brings about common sense reform and laws that help Americans instead of forcing them to live a certain way.  

You have two years to start turning this country around and building the momentum needed to topple any Democratic challenger to the White House.  

But above all, make sure to keep God in your hearts in everything you do.  

You have been given the power by we, the people.  Now use it to do what we elected you to do.