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Thursday, September 18, 2014

There's more than just Fox News: Some notable conservative blogs and news sites to read during this election season.

POST 2016 ELECTION UPDATE: I'm updating this list in light of what the 2016 election has revealed.  I see this post still get some hits 2 years later, so I want to make sure my past recommendations aren't faulty in today's context.

The 2014 midterm elections are ramping up and with that comes the blatant, demonizing lies via ads and liberal pundits supporting Democratic candidates that largely go unchallenged by the mainstream media.  These left leaning networks will also continue to trot out expert after expert to do their best to make the Democrat's position look like the "standard" position while scoffing at conservative principled candidates.  And that's their goal: by using the power of television, they present the illusion that most Americans think this way.  This can have an effect of one questioning their own values because no one wants to be thought of as the "backwards dolt".  It's a form of shaming and peer pressure that has been at work for decades.

Even though Fox News, which apparently is the Obama administration's greatest threat, does often provide a perspective that is actually closer to traditional American values, it's still only one voice in the crowd.  And you can see how well received that is by the rest of the news outlets (hint: they don't like Fox News very much).  If TV was the only source of news these days, it could be easy to believe that Fox News is everything that liberals complain about...because when just about every other station says one thing and/or mocks Fox, they must be right....right?!

But thankfully, TV is not the only source for news these days.  In fact, more and more people are turning to the internet to get their news.  What was once just an interesting afterthought regarding blogging about current events has become a booming industry with blogs and sites that run the entire political spectrum.

So, in an effort to show that not only are there other people out there that perhaps share your values but also back up Fox News on a regularly, I've compiled a list of conservative sites that break the liberal narrative.  In no particular order:

Breitbart.com - founded by the late Andrew Breitbart, a venerated hero amongst conservative circles, this site runs the gamut when it comes to exposing liberal hypocrisy in the media, government, Hollywood, and foreign policy.  If there's a story that's pushing The (Liberal) Narrative, you can be sure this site will have its own articles as well as counters to The Narrative.

Twitchy.com - founded by one of my favorite conservative personalities, Michelle Malkin, this site is largely focused around exposing liberal .... shortcomings on Twitter (if you don't get Twitter, that's ok.  You should still be able to follow along with the posts).

TheBlaze.com - this site is founded by Glenn Beck, another prominent voice in conservative and Republican circles.  While not as hyper focused in liberal hypocrisy as Breitbart is, they also run a wide range of stories that while not always coming from a conservative slant, are at least not part of The Narrative.  They're especially good at pointing out videos/stories that point out abhorrent valueless behavior or highlight those acting with good values. Update: TheBlaze is going down in flames (pardon the pun).  Glenn Beck is off his rocker by claiming that Hillary Clinton was the moral choice this election.  Combine that with his rabid hatred of Trump and you get a site that I would not recommend.

RedState.com - founded by former CNN political contributor Erick Erickson, this site contains quite a bit of conservative minded opinion pieces.  Even though its name sounds like something that'd come out of the Soviet Union (still irritated that Democrats even managed to snatch blue as their color, which is almost always associated with the conservative political side of the spectrum while red has traditionally represented the liberal side), it's actually pretty well grounded.  Redstate is another state gone from my recommendations list.  The #NeverTrump movement exposed plenty of political hackery and Redstate was one of the sites pushing NeverTrump.  It would have been ok if they were being truly objectively critical of Trump on certain parts.  But again, their attacks were quite rabid in the "I really hate this guy so I'm going to tear him down" type of way.  You don't do that to your party's candidate during the election.

ggutfeld.com - while not a full blown blog site like the others, it's always a pleasure to listen to Greg Gutfeld on the Five as well as read his very entertaining books.  He is unapologetic in his lambasting of idiotic liberal logic while still making points that are backed by facts.  Anything he writes is easily worth reading.

PragerUniversity.com - founded by Dennis Prager, a conservative hero of mine, this site focuses on producing "courses" which are short videos that effectively deliver conservative viewpoints on many topics today.  Highly recommended.

Townhall.com - Another site similar to Breitbart that will almost be keeping abreast with current events from a perspective that the mainstream media won't cover.

drudgereport.com - While not a news site or even a conservative site in general, this site is worth mentioning.  Remember the Monica Lewinski scandal?  While the media was doing their best to bury it, site founder Matt Drudge went to the internet and broke the story ahead of the media, something that had ever happened before.  The site itself is a news aggragator linking to various stories across the internet that, while not really conservative, it definitely breaks away from The Narrative, which is highly important.

2016 addition:

http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/ - is a meager political blog site run by Jim Hoft.  It's one of the top blog sites in the nation despite its humble beginnings.  I'd place this site right next to Breitbart when it comes to checking out current political news.

Ok, there's my list.  I know it's not every site out there, but this should give you enough places to go to check out what people with conservative values (and yes, there are more of us than them) are saying about current events, including elections.  If there are any others worth mentioning, comment and I'll add them.  Thanks!