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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Now is the perfect time for you, yes you, to run for public office...

Today's political landscape can be pretty craggy and treacherous.  There's a heightened sense of extreme politics, whether real or imagined, and hyper partisanship that not only adds plenty of hostility, but also creates a very attractive looking "middle ground" which ends up not being as much of a middle ground as it is which side did the best in prettying up their own views.  So you have the craggy hyper partisanship and a very deceptive, but still quite dangerous, "middle ground".

When an average, every day citizen takes a look at this landscape, there's a good chance they'll get disgusted with it and wish they could change it, but ultimately feel like that it's not something they can accomplish.  Perhaps they think they're not polished enough.  They're not good with speaking to people.  They're not smart enough.  Don't have the right education.  They're not a lawyer.  They've never ran for office.  Pretty much, they're not what the politicians they see on TV today.  

But you know what?  That's a good thing.  Why?  Simply put, it's because we do not need more of the same.  See that disgusting political landscape?  Know how it got that way?  It's because we stopped electing people of principle and instead started electing the people that said exactly what we wanted to hear. What has happened?  As King Solomon has said, we should look well into the matter.  What does that mean, exactly?  Simply put, before making any major decisions (such as voting), we should do our homework.  We should look well into the matter.

 And honestly, we have not.  Though while the blame should squarely fall on our shoulders, there are other factors to consider.  For example, the media has been our source for information for just about everything, particularly politics.  Yet, when the media pushes one agenda heavily over another (hint: it's not conservatism) and attempts to pass it off objectively, it makes it more difficult for the average person, so used to relying on the media for their information, to look well into the matter.  It also does not help that our entertainment is so ubiquitously saturated with that same agenda, that it's very easy for someone to succumb to that 1-2 punch.  Basically, when then there's deliberate obfuscation and slanting of what's been regarded as an "objective" source, that means in order to look well into the matter, it takes more than just turning on 60 minutes or basing your opinion solely on one article written in the Huffington Post or Breitbart.  And as a majority, Americans have not.  So because we have not looked well into the matter of our politicians, we've allowed ourselves to  be deceived by smooth talking serpents that are good at telling you what you want to hear.

However, I believe that's turning around.  Whether they know or not, people are crying out to have someone with courage and principle to follow.  They're sick and tired of having the same spineless schmooze weasels continually back down and compromise their supposed beliefs while simultaneously spending most of their energy trying to mitigate the political damage their own spinelessness has wrought.  They tired of people telling them what they want to hear only to turn around and not stand for what they said they did.  They're tired of politicians more worried about securing votes for re-election than they are about doing their job.  People want someone with common sense and down to earth principles.  And I'll have to say, many will probably like someone that isn't a polished, smooth talker.  

If you want an example of this, just look at Ted Cruz.  While there are plenty that dislike this man, particularly Democrats and liberal Republicans, one thing you can say with certainty about him is that he stands on principle.  He's doing exactly what he was elected to do:
  • Stand up to the ever encroaching power of the federal government
  • Stand up for the Constitution
  • Stand up for conservative principles
I've heard plenty of like minded conservatives say: "Now if we can only clone Ted Cruz 30 or so times".  What I say to that is, instead of just wanting more Ted Cruzes, that normal people rise to the electoral challenge.  

If there's any a time for a return to "normalcy", it's when the political landscape is so polar like this.  Now when I say normalcy, I don't mean the politically correct palate of the "moderate" candidate as these types are part of the current problem.  They exploit the heightened sense of hyper partisanship and make themselves look like the voice of reason.  However, all they have are slick words to obfuscate their own personal, non constituent driven agenda which seems to be to just get elected, then do as little as possible to keep getting re-elected.  In other words, these moderates only want the job itself instead of using the job to fulfill a principle driven agenda.

No, the normalcy I'm talking about is the return to the common sense, integrity, and decency that's founded on a firm belief in their own principles.  True believers.  This is what every day folks want: every day folks representing their values in the federal government.  The demand is so visceral that you'll see it arise in forms of PACs and other political bodies just dying to have someone of principle to stand behind.  And you know, when one arises, the people will know.  It's similar to the difference between a real man and a beta male trying to act like a real man.  It's something you can just instinctively tell.  People will know a real candidate when they see it.  Whether they agree with their views is another thing, but they'll at least know.

And where are we going to get real candidates?  The answer is simple:  from anywhere, particularly outside of the Beltway.  From every day people that work hard.  Maybe they're business owners, or doctors, but not necessarily so.  They could be the construction foreman fed up with new regulations.  They could be the office worker seeing his insurance premiums continually rise.  It could be the little old lady seeing her benefits gutted or the retired army veteran sick of watching America go down the tubes.  People that weren't necessarily heavily indoctrinated with far left ideals from a university.  And most importantly, people of God.
What? Religion has no place in politics?!  I beg to differ.  Religion and politics go hand in hand.  If they didn't, why is it those two specific topics that are always considered taboo topics at casual social gatherings? It's because you really can't talk about one without eventually talking about the other.  Politics is an extension of religion (yes, even atheists and agnostics and those silly Christians that scoff at all religion .. they each still have a religion).    And as servants of God, our political views should be based on our biblically founded religious principles.  A servant of God, full of grace, humility, and faith would be a powerful symbol of what it truly means to be a representative in this country.

And while most of our career politicians are highly polished and do their best to hide anything bad, I see a good person who not only is flawed, but isn't afraid to admit their flaws as being someone people can truly relate to.  No one is perfect and it'd be refreshing to have someone that admits to the mistakes of their past and doesn't profess to have all the answers, but knows where they stand on principle.

Don't be fooled into believing you need to be a lawyer or a doctor to get into politics.  Anyone can.  And if there's ever a time we need more down to earth, God loving, folk in Congress and state legislatures, it's now.