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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Keys to repeating the truth

Speaking truth is powerful.  When spoken with true belief and conviction, it can resonate inside someone's soul without them even realizing that's what's happening to them.  From a Christian perspective, this is what's known as planting the seed.  It's the beginning of someone realizing and acknowledging the truth.  Speaking this truth is part of the charge God gave His followers when he set forth the mandate to extend His kingdom here on Earth.  It's the simplest to do, but can also be quite daunting.

So what happens is this:  your average person will have moments of courage will they will speak the truth, despite the fallout it may cause.  Many times it manifests as some type of righteous anger in the face of something that's undermining or belittling that truth.  In these moments, our soul punches through our fear in order to speak out against the wrong being said or done.  And after we're done, we feel a little spent but also content into "letting things lie" for a while.  And understandably so; no one wants to rock the boat too much.

However, when it comes to planting the seed in others, this sort of righteous indignation type of response isn't enough.  It doesn't happen often enough, and admittedly doing so too often will not only wear one out, it can cause avoid damage.  Just like everything, high octane emotional response are great in certain situations, but it's not meant for every day life.  And it's that every day life, that moment after one's spent from an emotionally charged truth speaking moment, that moment when you wake up in the morning and that moment when you go to bed for the evening where speaking the truth needs to be done.  It needs to happen repeatedly, all the time.

So if there's one thing that liberals have gotten right, it's their ability to repeat their messages, no matter how false they may be, ad nauseam until everyone has heard it and, in many times, believe it.  And pay attention to how it's done.  While there are the emotionally charged activists screaming for the rights of albino llamas in Newfoundland, there are other channels, such as the media and television that repeat the messages over and over in not only a calm, rational sounding demeanor, but also in subtle indirect ways that also work to plant the seed of their message in such a way that you wonder why you've never considered the rights of those poor albino llamas.

Of course, this isn't to say that liberals have the right message, because they don't. It's just to point out that they have figured out, much to many Christian and conservatives' chagrin, how to effectively get their message across.

And this is what Christians, and conservatives, need to do as well.  It's very easy to get tired of saying the same thing ad nauseum.  Believe me, I get quite frustrated at times.  But when I come across someone that not only doesn't know the truth, but instead is believing the lie fed to them, it reminds me that if I'm going to get the truth out, I need to be just as relentless as the opposition is.

So, what can an average, every day person do when it comes to speaking the truth?  It's quite simple: you just start speaking it.  And while I'm not to tell someone to tone down their truth speaking or do it in the same way I might, we should do our best to pattern our truth speaking after the Bible.  So with that in mind, here are some guide lines:

Never Condemn - While it may be easy to say something like "You are going to Hell if you keep living this way!", it is not our role.  Just as Jesus came to save and not condemn, so should we.  This goes for any truth speaking.  Do not condemn your audience because of their misdeeds and falsities.  They are already condemned for it.  Not only does this model after Christ, it has a very wise real world application (like most Biblical principles):  people don't like being condemned.  And if there's one way to harden a heart to your message, it's to condemn them.

Speak your Truth with Certainty - If you waiver when speaking the truth, those listening might thing that you do not ardently believe in what you're speaking. It undermines truth's authority.  Yes, there will be people who will challenge you and will want to debate about it.  This is where knowledge about truth will come handy.  However, this doesn't mean you need to be able to intellectually debate those that challenge the truth you speak as speaking the truth is not about winning over a debate right that second.  IT's about relaying the truth, even if they don't immediately accept it.  And if you relay that truth with certainty, even those that would walk away not believing will still have your belief in this truth planted within them.

Always with love - It doesn't matter what truth you are speaking.  Always have love.  Anything done without love is ultimately fruitless.  This includes the angry atheists doing their best to blaspheme God or those people that believe that all Republicans are racists.  Always with love.  Love your fellow man.  Love your neighbor.  Especially those that seem to deserve it the least.  God loved the least of us, so should we.  So when you're speaking the truth, remember that love and temper your message accordingly.  This isn't to say you need to be soft spoken and walk on egg shells.  That's not speaking with love.  It means keeping in mind that you love the person(s) you're speaking to.  Doing so will shape your words and actions in a way that will convey to the other person that you're speaking this message out of love for them, not hatred or the previously mentioned condemnation.

Day in and day out, this is one of the most powerful things Christians can do with extending His kingdom.  But this can also be done in the political ring as well.  And it needs to be done.  Speaking the truth, over and over and over and over and over and over again until you're tired of saying it, then say it some more.  The moment we be quiet for fear of upsetting someone else, is the moment we've lost.  If you truly believe in something, never be afraid to repeat it endlessly despite what others might say.