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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

EHK: Not keeping quiet about God

One of the things that seems so ubiquitous today that it took God speaking to me to realize how far Satan
has influenced our lives is how taboo it's become not to talk about God.  Think about it:  what are the two topics that you're not supposed to discuss at social gatherings, public, or at work?  That's right: religion and politics.  Also think about this:  does this social norm of not talking about God ipretty much everywhere except church bother you?  If it doesn't, why not?

Chances are because that's how society has been for decades.  We've been conditioned to believe that talking about God openly is offensive to other people, particularly those that don't believe in Him.  And as we're all well aware of, we live in a society where we avoid saying things that someone might find offensive. But this still shouldn't bother us, right?  We should just let our deeds do the talking, right?  And while yes, this is true that we should live our life to server as testimony to others, this does not indicate that we should not talk about God.  Because while deeds are great and can be far more valuable that words, this does not mean that words are worthless.

Because if words were worthless, we wouldn't have the Bible.  Jesus, in combination with his deeds, used parables and wise words that led many to believe in Him.  Why shouldn't we strive to do the same?  All of us should strive to be like Jesus.  Now we shouldn't believe we are like Jesus in His divinity, but we should be always working toward that perfection.  And part of that perfection was speaking of God and his wonders and glories.

It should bother every Christian that the world doesn't want us talking about God.

God uses words through us to touch people's lives.  God uses words through His church to bless, encourage, strengthen, and renew His children.  Again, if God uses words in His church to help His children, should we not use these words as well to extend His Kingdom?

Words, when used with His guidance, can be very powerful.  Combine these words with deeds to match and you have a very convincing, very potent message to those who do not believe or are unwittingly seeking Him.  So words, speaking about God, is just as vital to extending His Kingdom as is walking the walk.

Now this isn't to say we should walk around beating people over the head with the Bible at every opportunity we get to talk to someone.  Instead, our every day conversations should naturally yield opportunities to plug God in some fashion.   For example, when it was time for my mom to move out of her house, we had an enormous amount of help from people at church.  And so when I'd talk about the move with other people, either at work or wherever, I would make a casual note that we had a lot of people from the church come by to help.  Other opportunities may present themselves, such as when someone asks your opinion on something or even something as facetious as someone asking "How do you make it through the day without wanting to kill someone??"  The answer:  "Well, I do want to strangle people, but I ask God to bring a grace over me that brings me back down to earth and calms me down."

One reason why Bible thumping isn't the way to go is because directly quoting scripture, while sounding impressive (particularly if you quote the King James version), lacks that personal connection with whom you're talking to.  While I think it's important for Christians to know these verses and what the Bible tells them to do, what a non believer needs to see is how a Christian is applying what they've learned in the Bible to their lives.  And relating that comes from being a witness of God's work in your own life which you do through natural language.

Let's put it this way.  The Bible is God's instruction manual for His followers.  For people that have come willingly to Him and want to live a life according to His will.  The two key words there are followers and willingly.  A non believer is not a follower nor have they come to Him willingly.  Our part in extending His Kingdom is to live a Godly life and witness to them so they are enticed to come willingly.  And once they've come willingly, then we hand them the instruction manual.  But until then, reading from the instruction manual to someone who isn't interested in coming willingly isn't going to get anywhere.  In fact, it might even turn off a non believer.

So, by not being quiet about God, I'm talking about not suppressing our opportunities to witness because our politically correct environment frowns upon it.  We should not let the world dictate when it's ok to talk about God.  For starters, God is greater than the world, so why should we allow the world to bind our witnessing?  Second, this political correctness push is nothing more than Satan at work.  You notice how many of the pc world's taboo subjects pertain to morality and God?  This isn't a coincidence.  If we keep quiet about God, we're crippling ourselves in extending His Kingdom - something Satan wants.  He wants to take as many souls to hell with him as he can, so retarding the growth of God's Kingdom is something he's very interested in pursuing.   And this can take different forms.  Over in the middle east, Islamic theocracies literally kill Christians for "undermining Islam".  In war torn Africa, there are "ethnic cleansings" which will kill certain sects of Christianity.   And in the United States, we have atheism and political correctness continually pushing God out of our lives out of fear that we'll offend someone.  And every time we tacitly accept that talking about God in public, or at work, etc. is taboo, we give them authority over us.

As a Christian, this should be unacceptable.  So the next time you sense an opportunity to witness, ask God for courage and let Him use you as a witness to extend His Kingdom.  We definitely can't do this alone, but what we can do is at least recognize the way the Enemy is moving and how we shouldn't just accept the rules of a ungodly world.