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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why the AP snooping might be the worst mistake the Obama administration had made...

These last two weeks has brought some startling news about some things our federal government has been up to.  First, we get shocking new testimony from some brave Benghazi whistleblowers that mentioned that there not one, but two, orders to military support personnel to stand down and that the Obama administration knew this was a terrorist attack the same night the attacks were occurring.  If you seem to recall, the administration tried to blame the attacks on a spontaneous outrage to some Youtube video.  In other words, they were lying to the American people.

Second, we receive a surprising admission that the IRS has been targeting conservative minded groups with increased scrutiny the past few years.  This alone is quite frightening to think about.  Keep in mind while the scrutiny itself isn't the problem, it's the fact that they targeted specific political groups that just so happened to oppose the Obama administration's liberal ideology.  Liberal groups were not put to the same level of scrutiny.  People in the past having jokingly pointed out the irony of power within the hands of the desk job pencil pushing taxman (IRS).  But people aren't laughing now as they're realizing how much power the IRS really does have.  If there's one organization that has the power to destroy anyone in this country without considerable amount of effort and risk, it's the IRS.

Now, while both of these are indeed alarming, it's actually the least alarming action that could turn out to be the biggest mistake the Obama administration has made.  This week, we've also learned the Department of Justice confiscated huge amounts of the Associated Press' (AP) phone records.  While the claim is that it was done in the interest of national security to find a leak, the problem is that it's so widespread and blanket that it's hard to believe this is what would be done when investigating a security leak and starts to wander into territory that smacks of intimidation.

However, all of that is besides the point.  Because what matters is that the AP feels betrayed.  As I've pointed out previously, the media has a great deal of power.  They are the major player in the 4th branch of government and have the power to shape government policy by holding the government accountable to their actions by bringing stories to the attention of the American people.  For the past 5 years, the media has been fawning over the Obama administration and willfully believed it could do no wrong.  Most media outlets downplayed scandal after scandal, mistake after mistake in an effort to shield this president from genuine criticism.  It's the media's narrative that has wrongfully labeled Tea Partiers as crazy racists.  It's the media that downplayed Fast & Furious and Benghazi.  With a complicit media, the Obama administration wasn't being held accountable to the level that it should have been - levels that are almost always placed upon Republican administrations (and rightfully so).  However, the AP phone records is turning the tables.  With the AP feeling betrayed, you can bet that the rest of the media are paying very close attention and are waking up to the fact that perhaps being the Obama administration isn't the friends they thought they were.  Whether the actions were legitimate security procedure or not, now that the AP feels like it's been betrayed, this administration is losing its media shield as mainstream organizations appear to start asking tougher questions that conservative outlets and pundits have been relentlessly talking about for years.

If the media continues to do its job properly, such as holding the Obama administration's feet to the fire, then Obama and his cohorts will find it very difficult to gain any political ground.  On top of that, their relentless campaigning will start to turn sour as it will start to look like someone whining about having to be held accountable for their decisions.  Turning on the AP, whether truly malicious or not, is making the press turn, which will open more American eyes to the problems the Tea Party and conservatives have been talking about for years.  I pray this continues because every administration should be held accountable for their misdeeds and a complicit media, no matter which type of administration is in office, is a truly scarey, Orwellian idea.