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Monday, March 25, 2013

Senate Democrats propose budget with $1 Trillion tax increase, refuses to balance budget

Remember when President Obama said he's looking out for the middle class and didn't want to raise taxes on them?  And remember how his campaign misleadingly said Romney's tax plan would raise taxes by $2,000?  I sure do.  Not two months after the election, taxes on the middle class increased, breaking his promise.   Everyone's paycheck nation wide decreased due to Obama allowing the Bush Era Tax cuts to expire.  And while that hit had an impact, it was bearable (at least for me, but still - less take home pay sucks).  

But alas, this is already old news in today's hyper accelerated news cycle.  However, what is somewhat fresh news, maybe you've heard about it.  The Democratic controlled Senate, for the first time in 4 years, has proposed a budget.  Good news, right?  Sure, if you're a firm believer in Statism and that a central government can tax and spend their way out of any problem.  Here's the highlights:

  • Increases taxes by $975 billion
  • Increases spending by 62%, an additional 2.1 trillion per year
  • Makes zero attempt to balance 
  • Makes zero non defense spending cuts
So, their budget is not only going to raise taxes, but they're actually going to spend even more than this supposed tax increase will offer.  In other words, they're going to hurt the economy even more by raising taxes and then also accelerate the rate at which we go into debt.


Republicans attempted to offer amendments to try to rebuff this insanity by asking the plan to go back to committee for balancing.  This was defeated along pure party lines.   My very own Senator Grassley attempted to get the tax increase reduced or removed, but this was also defeated along party lines except for one Democrat defector.   

This country's economic solvency has been on a steady decline for decades.  Obama's policies for the first 4 years caused this decline to a sharp downward turn.  But this proposed budget makes Obama's economic record look sterling in comparison.  This doesn't just accelerate our downward trajectory, it it's like deliberately flying your plane nose first into the ground.

If this budget passes the Senate, which it most certainly will, there should be a heavy political price to pay just like what Obamacare did in the 2010 midterms.   

Forget all the partisan sniping for a second.  Forget your party allegiances for a moment and just look.  This is not a budget.  This is a reckless spending plan that will further burden the middle class and drive us into economy killing levels of debt.  

It's these types of economic policies that will ruin this country.  Every Senator that came up with and voted for this in committee needs to be voted out.   Every Senator that votes for this when the budget comes to the floor needs to be replaced.  This is not a partisan concern, this is about kicking out the people that seem dead set on reducing this great nation to a shadow of its former self.  An irresponsible budget like this goes a long way to accomplish this.   

Get the word out.  The Democratic supported budget should be the political death knell for any and all who support it.  In later posts, I'll explain why it's so bad to be in debt and why a strong, vibrant economy is the backbone of a strong and free America.  For now though, just get the word out.  These Senators need to pay a hefty political price for this.