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Friday, March 22, 2013

Meet Dr. Ben Carson, an American success story

In conjunction with highlighting some of this administration's and the leftist Democratic party's deplorable political behavior and stunts, I'm going to also highlight some of the best conservative speeches, writings, and people as a juxtaposition to the pettiness of the left and Washington elites.  To show that not only is the conservative message not bigoted, racist, misogynist, -ist ad nauseum, but it's also the more moral, noble, and liberty driven philosophy.

With that said, I'm going to start with one of the better speeches at CPAC 2013 (Conservative Political Action Conference) by Dr. Ben Carson.  If you're not familiar with CPAC, it's pretty much a conference for leaders and political figures of the conservative movement to speak about the conservative movement and its current challenges.    It's been going on for 40 years and has been attended by pretty much every major conservative figure in those 4 decades, including the much venerated Ronald Reagan.   And every year, the leftist media does their best to find ways to distort this conference to paint conservatives in the *ist light that they've been doing for decades.  But make no mistake: CPAC is a great place to get a sense of what the conservative movement is about and who's who on the conservative scene...as long as you watch the speeches and panels for yourself without someone in the media distilling it down into a few hundred word article riddled with their particular political slant.  

With that said, let's get on to Ben Carson.  If you want to look for a shining example of the American Dream, you need not look any farther (though there are plenty of them out there!).  This man grew up in poverty, raised by a single mom who worked three jobs.   A mom who made a young Ben shut off the TV in fifth grade and instead made him read books (and give book reports on them).  A mom who believed in her son and wouldn't settle for less than excellence.  Obviously, it paid off as he became a world famous neurosurgeon.  

Before his appearance on CPAC this year, Dr. Carson became famous (or infamous depending on your perspective) for his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in February.  In that speech, with Obama sitting only a few feet from him, he had the courage to say what he believes which also contradicted with Obamacare and some of Obama's philosophy.  He didn't denigrate.  He didn't call out.  He was instead graceful in his disagreement. Overall this speech rang true, sincere, and powerful:

The reaction from the left was to instantly attempt to invalidate the man's beliefs by playing the race card. You see, if conservatives tout a black conservative, they're just doing it because he's black and thus they're racist for promoting a "token black conservative".   This is what they've done for every black conservative out there hoping to retain their supposed "racial high ground" vs conservatives.  Anyway, Dr. Carson was invited to speak at CPAC, in which he gave a tremendous speech that indicted this administration as well as making excellent points about conservatism...

This man is very smart, very articulate, and quite obviously very compassionate.  A man who is an example of the American Dream.  He's also recently published a book, America the Beautiful. The speeches are both long, but well worth listening to.  You don't have to stay glued and watch them, feel free to just listen to the audio while you continue doing what you're doing.  In part of the CPAC video, he mentions "if I were in the White House" to which the audience gives a resounding applause.  

If Dr. Carson doesn't end up running for President, he should at least run for Congress and/or be a part of a future Republican presidential administration.   He is the type of leader we need for our country.