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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Eye on the Prize: Extending His Kingdom (EHK)

Lately,  my posts have been quite political.  Not that I think I shouldn't have written them, but I'm aware that the battle I'm waging in that area is not necessarily where I should be focusing my energy.  As I've mentioned previously,  politics is down stream from culture and culture downstream from hollywood/entertainment.  And while many conservatives had a political wakening, I'm sure many of them, like me, find themselves at odds with some aspects that have been ingrained in us through culture.  For instance, while I believe and know, that Christian beliefs were, and still are, foundational to our government, it some times takes a moment to shake the liberal notion that government should be purely secular and not express religion in any way.   Why? Because I grew up wrongly believing (like so many do) that the separation of church and state meant that the state was not supposed to espouse any type of religious beliefs or values.   And where did I learn that? Nowhere in particular.  It came just from being born and growing up in a time where the nation's culture was becoming more and more secular.

In that post, I mention how Hollywood/entertainment is at the heart of this cultural shift and that in order to correct this shift, we had to change Hollywood/entertainment.  We change the entertainment to transmit Christian and conservative values and eventually the nation's culture would come back around.  Sounds pretty impossible?  Sure it does.  The entertainment industry is a liberal stronghold.  In fact, it is so liberal that many "normal" liberals think these Hollywood liberals are too extreme.  And this industry routinely black lists conservatives and outspoken Christians.  There's no way to gain a foothold in there, right?  Sure seems that way.

Thankfully though, there are signs that it's not impossible.  Just look at how the History Channel's The Bible is crushing every other show in ratings.  People are craving faith based entertainment and I can't help but think this is a direct result of people noticing how empty a secular culture truly is.  Not only is it empty, they can see the results as our country continues its "progressive" slide backwards.  The veneer of secularism is beginning to crack, showing that no, it's not impossible to take on the entertainment industry.

Of course, there's always another, and simpler, reason why it's not impossible:  God.  If it's indeed His Will, that's all we should need to know that we'll be victorious.

And this is where Extending His Kingdom (maybe I'll start just calling it EHK) comes in.  You see, Extending His Kingdom is the one mandate God gave his people.  As Dick Iverson put it, the church is the instrument for extending His Kingdom.  We are His Kingdom and we extend it by bringing the light of Christ to everyone around us.

How does this tie in with taking back the entertainment industry?  It's quite simple, really.  If we carry out God's mandate, EHK, then His Will will be done.  And who can argue that carrying out His Will is not the best thing we can do?  No, this does not guarantee we'll take over the entertainment industry, or even turn this country around.  What it means is so much more valuable:  The Plan, His Plan, God's Plan is being carried out.  The Plan transcends culture and nations.  It is The Plan.  It's universal and its implications are powerful and awe inspiring beyond our own limited imaginations.   If there's one cause to get behind, it's The Plan, His Plan.  And our part in that plan is EHK.

Now, of course, how to exactly enact EHK is a tougher question, but I can say that the answer is definitely not anything uniform.  It's not strictly through politics or reviving this nation, though I'm sure some will be lead to head in that direction.   The primary fundamental to keep in mind, though is whenever we act in His Name, we need to do so under the direct banner of Extending His Kingdom.   While it's possible that God might lead some people into politics, we must never lose sight of EHK, especially its very core:  spreading your light to those around you.

So while taking back the entertainment industry and this nation are indeed noble goals, just keep in mind that they are not necessarily God's goal.  And in comparison, His goals are far more profound than any our short-sighted, though noble, goals.