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Monday, January 21, 2013

Prayer Battleground: Organizing for Action

Recently, in the last few weeks, I've been inspired by sermons done by pastors Marv and Dan at my church, Highpoint City Church.  Lately, I've been praying for some direction from God regarding what to do.  There are some minor things that I believe are nudges toward something else, but I haven't had anything concrete pop up yet, until now.   Looking back it was Dan's humble plea to not get ensnared in political attacks, but to direct that energy toward prayer.  It was also Marv's passionate sermon this past Sunday about being bold and going on the offensive with the God of angel armies behind us.   Direction with action.  It's exactly what I needed.

The result is a new, ongoing series called Prayer Battleground.  This won't completely replace the content that I post here, but it will definitely take center stage.  The shift comes from the realization that advancing the  Kingdom of God, every Christian's mandate, is of the highest calling.  While turning this country around is noble and coincides with pushing for renewing Christian morality in our nation, the former is really just incidental to advancing His kingdom.  For many, the mind set seems to be "if we turn this nation around, then we can advance His Kingdom further."  However, I believe the correct mind set should be "If we advance His Kingdom, then maybe God will save this country".  In other words, politics is not the sole or even most important avenue for kingdom advancement.  In fact, it's just one avenue of many the body of Christ can utilize.  This has caused me to slightly adjust the thrust of my articles.  Instead of attacking the misguided liberals like I have been, I'm opting for a far more effective tactic:  prayer.

Don't be fooled though, there is a spiritual war raging across not only this nation but across the entire world.  And as God's children, and servants, we are soldiers in this war.  And in this war, the battleground is all around us, every day.  Our best weapon is prayer.  It strengthens and emboldens His servants.  It can convert and convict even the most decrepit among us.  So this new series is about using the awesome weapon of prayer to pray for not only our strength, but to be bold and ask for the conversion of Christianity's enemies, the willful and the unwitting.

So in this inaugural article, I'm choosing the organization that helped President Obama get elected twice, writing on the day if his own inaugural address.  As you may or may not know, in an unprecedented move, Obama for America, his campaign organization, is converting to a 501(c)(4) non profit known as "Organizing for Action".  So the highly vaunted, massive political machine that managed to pull out a win for Obama despite touting a record worse than previously ousted presidents (Bush 41 and Carter) will now be a permanent fixture aimed at lobbying and campaigning for Obama's legislative issues over these next 4 years.  No elected official has ever done anything like this before.  The organization and outreach of the Obama campaign is stunningly impressive and effective.  And now, it'll be around even long after Obama has left office.  This is why I chose not to pray for our president in this first post.  Organizing for Action will be his true legacy, as it will wield an astonishingly high amount of influence for years, if not decades, to come.

Before we go any farther, it's important to take a moment to be perfectly clear:  Obama's leftist and collectivist agenda is not a friend of Christianity's.  Liberalism/Leftism is an enemy of Christianity.  Note that I did not say the liberals or leftists themselves.  Most have good intentions, but are misguided and deceived by the enemy.  What I'm talking about is the underlying philosophy itself.  It is straight from Hell (again, an article for the near future).

Sounds like a nightmare for conservatives and Christians, right?  Well, sure, if you look at it from a purely political standpoint.  But when taken in the context of spiritual warfare, I see it as a grand opportunity.  Can you imagine the impact if such an organization and its aim were to come to God?  What once was a looming threat is now an astounding asset for advancing His Kingdom having the capability to reach so many people in a variety of different ways.  Instead of having your donation go to some liberal political cause that divides and destroys, it goes to uniting and advancing His Kingdom around the nation.

Sounds impossible? Yes, it does.  Regardless, that's what I'm going to pray for this week: for God to convert the assets of the enemy to His cause.  To convert, from the inside out, Organizing for Action into a powerful force for His good.  The greatest apostle who ever lived was Paul, a guy who used to be one of Christianity's greatest enemies at the time.  He was on his way to persecute more Christians when God tossed a flashbang at him, said a few words, and pretty much converted him right then and there.  So to ask for this is not anything more than God has done already.

If you're willing, pray with me on this.   Thank you.