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Monday, January 28, 2013

Prayer Battelground: Touré

Welcome back to Prayer Battleground on FnP.  Last week,  praying for Organizing for Action was the focus.  One thing I did want to mention is that even though there might be a new battlegroundn topic each week, it definitely does not mean that I, or anyone else, should cease the prayers of prior weeks.  I just see these posts as highlighting areas that I believe could really use some battlefront prayer.  

This week in Prayer Battleground, the focus is on MSNBC host and personality, Touré.  This is a man that many conservatives love to hate.  He typically makes an easy target amongst the conservative circles because of his penchant to brazenly utter the more unsavory progressive notions that his other liberal co-hosts are careful to avoid saying on television and there seems to be no shortage of these utterances.

In the past, I've written this guy off as another liberal talking head over at MSNBC, albeit one seemingly less diplomatic or intelligent (there seems to be no shortage of them within the mainstream media).  But then, I stumbled upon this article where he thanks abortion for saving his life.  Watch below..

It took a lot of willpower to watch this all the way through.  His justification of abortion exemplifies one of the major failings of the leftist mindset:  Justifying something utterly horrible (the murder of an innocent child) to fight some "lesser evil" (restricting women from having abortions).  I don't really need to go into how wrong that is.  What is especially heartbreaking was that he admits his view on abortion almost changed when he saw his son on the ultrasound for the first time.  

Now I'm not here to condemn Touré.  In fact, my heart breaks for him.  He is lost following a broken moral compass that has turned him around so much, that he thanks God that he was allowed to murder an innocent baby because he simply wasn't ready to accept the gift He had given him.  So, in our 40th anniversary of Roe vs Wade, I want to pray for this man.   Allow the Holy Spirit convict this man's heart and allow grace to wash over him.  Let him recognize the gift of the two children he does have came from God.  

God gives life and that includes children.  Abortion is not just a national tragedy, it's a worldwide tragedy.  And I pray Touré and people like him to not only turn away from supporting such a horrible act, but to embrace God and abandon the hateful, divisive leftist mentality that has twisted their views so far to call evil good and good evil.