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Monday, November 5, 2012

The one video you should watch before voting tomorrow...

Ok, so I'm still trying at the last second to convince people to vote for Romney.  I know I said my post a few days ago was my final appeal for that vote.  That's still true.  But this video is amazing.  It's a few minutes long, but it packs a succinct effective punch.  To all the people already strongly in Romney's camp, this will be very similar to things we've been saying.   To all the shaky people undecided and/or leaning way or another, this video is specifically for you.  To all the staunch, but disillusioned Democrats, this video might change your mind to vote for Romney as opposed to not voting.  And for all of Obama's entrenched liberal base, I'll give you a cookie (or a fat free healthy snack of your choosing) if you make it all the way through the video regardless if it changes your mind or not.

I could speak to what the video says, but it's far more potent to just soak in the imagery fresh.  So enjoy.  And Vote R&R this Tuesday.