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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Republicans and Conservatives: YOU MUST VOTE

While I recently penned my final appeal to get more Romney votes, my last pre-election post will be for those Republicans and conservatives out there.   Many of you are exhausted like I am.  Many of you have been fighting for just as long or even longer.  Many of you may be disillusioned into believing the effort was all for naught.  That even despite your level best, the cacophonous media narrative of Obama's "inevitable re-election" looks like a startling reality.  It's these people I'm speaking to:


Even if you think Obama is going to win, you go vote for Romney.  Even if the media coverage is already projecting Obama to be the winner on that day, you go vote for Romney.  If you have any friends or family that feel the same way, you drag them to the polls and you vote for Romney.   And here's why:

The media is trying their absolute best to blunt the Republican enthusiasm that this election has generated.  They know that if this enthusiasm persists into election day, Romney will win.  And win big.  The polls that most news outlets are using rely on a sample that's assuming the Democrats are going to have the same historic turnout they had 4 years ago.  But here's the real kicker:

It's projected that Republicans will enjoy their own historic turnout this year.

There's the truth.  It's projected that for the first time in a long time, Republicans will make up a larger proportion of the voting base than Democrats.  That lone generates its own enthusiasm.  This is what the media is trying to suppress.  They don't want Republicans to know that there are alot of Republicans out there fired up to vote.  Because if that happens, what was considered a "close" election turns into a landslide.  That's what the media is afraid of.  The finish line is right around the corner and all we have to do is cross it.  Don't be that person that gives up at the last second.  It's the only way we're going to lose.

Don't believe the media.

Don't believe the polls.

Just get yourself and any other Republican friends to vote.