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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

If you can't see the storm coming, heaven help you...

Tonight was a bit of an eye opener for me.  I figured this would be the time to start turning this country around.  But evidently, I was wrong.  The problem runs far deeper than I had thought.  As Ronald Reagan once said, freedom is never more than one generation away from exitnction.  In addition, Dennis Prager has said understanding what it means to be American has been lost by the last two generations.  Tonight's results reflect such a statement.  That so many people do not really grasp the threat to freedom an unconstrained Obama administration represents.   That so many people can't see how it's the ever encroaching liberalism / progressivism that is ruining this country shows a country one or two generations removed from know why being American is unique and exceptional.  They have no idea how hard the freedom they take for granted today was fought to achieve.  That type of problem goes beyond just buying into Obama.  It's been seeping into our education system in a very Alinsky type fashion for decades unchecked.  By now, it's systemic and I honestly am at a loss at how to beat that problem back.

Which comes to my point in this post's title.  Dick Iverson, a very wise man of God spoke to our church a few weeks ago.  His message was pretty simple:  God sends storms when there's a change needed.   From my conservative Christian standpoint, an Obama re-election and all that it means and stands for is that storm.  Do I expect everything to go to hell in a hand basket immediately? No.  But what I've discovered as I've become older is that the most insidious spiritual battles one encounters are the ones that don't seem so bad, where just a little ground is conceded.  That little ground, repeated enough times, turns into big ground until one day you have your back to the wall and you're not quite sure how you got there.   This is the type of storm I expect: gradual baby steps of "not so bad" loss over the next few years.

As Islamism continues to exploit the left in Washington for their own gains while Israel can't rely on the US for support, we have a president that has been testing the religious freedom waters with the HHS mandate (if you think that wasn't deliberate, you have not been paying attention).  We have a president that will rule through executive order fiat if Congress, an intended check against presidential power, doesn't give him what he wants (and if you believe that's ok because of "stupid House Republicans", you definitely have not been paying attention).   All this points to some troubling times ahead for those staunch Americanists and Christians.  Again recalling Prager, he states that Americanism is the best hope for humanity.  And it's true.  Sad thing is many don't even know what being American means.

It looks a bit grim doesn't it?  Storms can be that way.  However, there is hope.  As Dick Iversion said as well, God never lets storms bring you down to destroy you, but to rebuild you into something stronger.  That's what tonight is about.  As I said, the problem on display in this country tonight runs deeper.  Deeper than even a presidential election. It's deeper than a political problem.  It's a spiritual problem.  It's a morality problem.  So for those that know better, this night is a call that we have lots of work to do.  So much in fact that I'm wondering if we'll ever see the fruits of our labors.  

We can pray, as we should, for this country.  But to me, after tonight, it seems quite obvious.  We need to affect the change that will change this nation around.  It needs to start right in the communities.  The left got where they are today by injecting themselves into the education system to indoctrinate young impressionable minds with their liberal sludge.  So it's time the stronger and greater force do the same.  Tonight should be a wake up call to all conservative Christians (and I know there are alot of you out there) that if we want the change we so desire, we're going to have to fight tooth and nail for it.  

What's funny is that just a few days ago I was exhausted from keeping tabs on the election.  And I thought for sure I'd have some respite either way.  But no, if anything, watching tonight has strengthened my resolve. There's lots of work to be done.  God have mercy on this nation and help us all.