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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Faith & Politics: The inextricable link

You might have noticed that the name of this blog has changed.   When I started writing Just One Conservative, it was under the ideal that just one voice for conservatism can have an impact and that every individual's voice has power.   And while I still hold true to this value, I've become aware that my political blog was too focused on....politics.  Makes a lot of sense, right?  Hear me  out...

The more I delve into conservatism, the more I realize how intertwined its political aspects are with its faith aspects.  American conservatism, or Americanism as Dennis Prager calls it, is rooted in Judeo-Christian values.  You could say that these Judeo-Christian values gave birth to the American conservatism we're fighting for today.   And while there are virtues of conservatism that aren't specifically "Christian", you can't really separate the two.  If you buy into Americanism, you also acknowledge the virtues of its influencing Christian values.  As any of you who've read my previous posts are aware, I already unabashedly support the Christian views when it intermingles with whatever political topic I'm discussing.

But, the re-branding of this blog goes a little further than that, coinciding this post's title as well as being the re-branding's inaugural post.  There's a more universal maxim here that goes beyond conservatism, and that maxim is that one's political and religious beliefs are inextricably linked.  This goes for conservatives, liberals, Islamists, and just about everyone - even atheists.  You see, many falsely assume that religion is the same as belief in some deity or spirit.  When in fact, religion is simply just a collections of beliefs and world views.  An atheist is just as religious as a Christian, but they instead put their faith in man and science instead of God.  Religious beliefs are the core of someone's beliefs, morals, and views.  Political leanings and beliefs are an extension of religious beliefs.  One's political beliefs can serve as a reflection of one's religious beliefs.  The two, no matter one's political beliefs, are inextricably connected.  You cannot talk about one without delving into the other.  Trying to divide the two into separate spheres is largely futile.  Any political belief that's not directly supported by one's religious values will find that the substitute support itself falls back to their religious values.

And that's why this blog is changing to be called Faith & Politics (not very original, I know).   My continual growth as a Christian and my burgeoning political commentary are no coincidence.  Therefore, while this blog will still have political postings, it will also pivot to the (much) larger picture:  The ongoing struggles of Christianity in America and the underlying battle for the soul of this country and its people.  I'm hoping to highlight what I see as the battles we are fighting as well as areas where our Christian mandate might be needed.

Because make no mistake, there is a spiritual battle being waged in this country.  There's a whole spiritual war being waged around the world.   However, the battle in America is different than that of other nations (except for perhaps those in Europe).  Our battle is against seduction and complacency.  Seduction to give into the immoral ways of living because they are easy and readily available.  Complacency in our nation's abundant provision keeping us from stirring into action.  Our fight is against indifference.  One of my all favorite quotes is:
Now, we must all fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men.
Evil wins when good men do nothing.

Leftism (Liberalism, Socialism, etc.) relentlessly pushes for the ouster of Christianity from our government and our society.  Under the guise of being "progressive", swaths of Christians are being tricked into complacency and indifference in supporting positions that go against Biblical principles.  It's the Enemy's most insidious plan.  No need to eradicate Christianity when you can just subvert its followers.

Sound like crack pot conspiracy theory?  No doubt.  God has blessed me by having my beliefs tempered by the same doubts that many liberal folk use, so it's easy to see how this looks from "the outside".   That doesn't change the truth though.  It'll boil down to faith and the conviction in that faith.  My eyes have been opening up to the larger battle at hand.  Sounding like a "right wing nutjob" isn't going to suppress what I feel to be important messages to write.

Let me leave you with this one notion:  It's easier to have courage when you have your back to the wall and nothing left to lose than when you're in a comfortable place with plenty to lose.

Welcome to Faith & Politics:  Just One Conservative's transformation into looking at the bigger picture.