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Friday, October 26, 2012

Benghazi cover up gets even worse: operators in the area told "stand down"

The death of four Americans, including an Ambassador, at the hands of al-Qaeda should be serious business.  Up until this point, the outrage has been what appears to be an incompetent administration trying to blame their screw up that cost American lives on a Youtube video.  It's become increasingly clear that the Obama administration quite deliberately attempted to misled the American people.  And even after Hillary and the intelligence community went under the bus and newer information came out essentially exonerating the intelligence committee, the Obama administration has sleazily dodged, distracted, and discredited like every slimey liberal does when they get cornered.

While that is completely unacceptable of a presidential administration when we're discussing an incident that resulted in the deaths of Americans at the hands of an enemy, new information has come out that just upped the ante from incompetence to some serious, border line treasonous management.  As The Blaze reports, CIA operatives - including two of the former Navy SEALS that ended up dying - were told to stand down while the attack was occurring even though the CIA annex safehouse was a mile away from the attacks.  Furthermore, three urgent requests for military backup were denied while the attack on the ground was happening.  Remember, this attack was a 6 hour ordeal.

So let this sink in....

The incident was reported immediately by intelligence officers, who were told repeatedly to do nothing while the attack occurred.   All requests for backup were denied.  Remember this was an attack that lasted over 6 hours.   

Let me try this again:  al-Qaeda, a sworn enemy of the United States and the party responsible for the original 9/11 attacks, attacked the Benghazi consulate and we did absolutely nothing.  


There, does that make my point?

What makes this even worse is that two of the former Navy SEALs that were killed disobeyed direct orders to stand down (with some others that did survive) in order to help the consulate.  And you know what?  Their help probably kept more Americans from being killed as it was their assistance that allowed the staff to evacuate to safety.   In other words, they know something wasn't right and like true American heroes, they did the right thing and paid the ultimate price.

So let's piece this all together...
Normally, I don't subscribe to sinister conspiracy theories.  But let's look at the overall picture here:

  • Months ahead of time, repeated requests for more security in a hostile region of the Middle East were denied
  • The security forces that were in place were deliberately hampered by contracting the security out to a non US firm where it was stipulated that they not have firearms.
  • During the attack, on ground forces were told to stand down.  Repeated requests for backup were denied.
  • After the attack, despite plenty of intel rolling in within hours, the White House leads the public to believe the attacks were spontaneous outrage to a video on Youtube.  
  • To this day, 6 weeks after the attack, the administration still has not given the public any solid answers and instead evades as much as possible.
Like I said, I don't tend to put stock in sinister conspiracy theories.  But when I see what appears to be cries for help being ignored and denied and requests TO help being denied followed up with an attempt to cover up the truth behind the motivations and perpetrators of the attacks, then something is very wrong.  I'll allow you to draw your own conclusions on what that very wrong is.  But whatever you glean, there is one thing that continues to rise to the surface:

This administration has proven it cannot be trusted with the safety of its own Americans.  Whether it be sheer incompetence, or dark implications far worse, this alone should be enough to not vote for Obama.   The president's primary job is to keep Americans safe.   He has shown that not only does he not do that (through sheer incompetence or something terribly and deliberately worse), but he'll go to great lengths to avoid standing up for slain Americans.   

Obama supporters:   How can you stand behind such a man that deliberately misleads and lies to you about the tragic death of Americans at the hands of our enemies?  How can you sit there and believe that this man has your safety as his top interest?  


Enough is enough.  This is no longer a matter of "It's my opinion bro, leave me alone!".  This is now a matter of whether or not you support someone that willingly lets Americans die and tries to lie to us about it.  You don't have to support Romney, but this alone should be enough to withdraw your vote for Obama.

It's time we get this president out of the White House.