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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2nd Presidential debate reveals media's desperation to save Obama

Last night's debate wasn't exactly how I had imagined, or hoped, it would go.  I hadn't imagined it'd turn into the slugfest that it did.  In a Town Hall meeting you don't quite expect the type of verbal brawling we saw from both candidates last night.   In addition to that, most of the answers turned into attacks on the other candidate.  Though Romney seemed to do this less than Obama did, he still did it (more on this later).   I had hoped Romney would deliver the knockout blow this debate that would send the Obama campaign into an unrecoverable tailspin.  Instead, unfortunately, Romney was a bit wobbly at times and missed some opportunities to make some points in the few opportunities Crowley allowed him to make them.  

Wait, did I just blame the ref?  I certainly did.  As I predicted in my previous post, Candy Crowley interrupted Romney 28 times and only interrupted Obama 9 times.  Some might say that's because Romney lies more, which itself is an utter fallacy.  While I'm not going to say Romney is completely 100% virtuous in presenting details accurately, to suggest that he's 3x times worse than Obama is ridiculous. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that the Obama campaign, and Obama himself, has put out more egregious lies than Romney and his campaign.  The point is if you believe the tripled amount of interruption was some type of "truth crusade" instead of the blatant partisan favoring that it was, then you're smoking crack.  In addition to the interruptions, she allowed Obama 3 more minutes of speaking time.  In a debate such as this, 3 minutes is huge.

In addition to the interruptions, the questions that were asked had about a 2 to 1 anti-Romney to anti-Obama slant.  So what, these are the voices of the undecideds, right?  Think again.  Guess who chose which questions would be asked and in which order they'd be asked?  You guessed it: Candy Crowley.  In other words, she was able to stack the deck against Romney all the while making it appear as if this is what the undecided electorate really looks like.

And lastly, she even jumped into the debate herself a bit...such as fact checking Romney correctly calling out the president's assertion that they immediately labeled the Benghazi attack a terrorist act.  She even admitted that Romney was right after the fact.  She's even made the same point Romney has made prior to this debate.  Romney had Obama on the ropes exposing his dishonesty in front of the entire nation, but Crowley stepped in and dishonestly saved Obama.   In doing so, it allowed a Michelle Obama incited audience cheer that kept Romney from pursuing further.

This is the media's desperation.  They had one of their own hijack a town hall style debate in order to save their president from receiving another thumping so he has a chance to win.  They're jumping on all and any grenades that could expose the president in a way that will cost him election.  Yet, anyone paying attention to this debate could see what was going on.  It was so obvious, that those not normally tuned into the political scene will recognize the bias and see through the BS.  Of course, Obama's adoring base will refuse to admit it, but we all know they're pretty much a lost cause when it comes to swaying their vote.

So, while a CBS poll says Obama won the debate overall 46-39, you  have to scratch your head as to how that is considering that in the same CBS poll breakdown Romney won on almost all the major election issues:

  • Economy: 58-40
  • Health care: 49-46
  • Taxes: 51-44
  • Deficit: 49-36
  • Strong Leader: 49-46
Possible reason? Most people will only look at the top poll number, just like they only look at the top line U3 unemployment figure, but does not bother to look at the U6 figure (which takes underemployment and a bunch of other factors into account).  It's common in a business reporting world that the better the top line numbers look, the less chance that someone will dig into the details.  This is what seems to be happening here.

The constant threat of exposure and damage to Obama has forced many on the leftist media to trade in their credibility to take one for the team.  Only problem is that this could ultimately backfire in their face.

Which is where I come to the conclusion that Romney was the real winner tonight.  No, he did not land that much desired knock out blow, thanks in large part to Crowley and a few missed opportunities, but he held his own quite well.  He didn't back down when Obama came out swinging, showing the strength in not allowing himself to be bullied by strong arm tactics - something that many Republicans wish Paul Ryan would have done with Joe Biden.  He kept his cool while still managing to respond with appropriate veracity. So while he didn't deliver a knock out punch, he didn't step on any mines and allow Obama to gain any ground - which is exactly what he needed to do.   

As mentioned above, he also won on the major issues.  That, combined with his ability to handle himself in a 2 on 1 situation despite the president coming out swinging, Obama's inability to gain traction, and the exposure of the media's desperation via Candy Crowley makes him the winner.  All Obama and the media did was keep Romney from increasing his momentum.  And as we'll most likely see over the next few days, the polls will reflect this.