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Thursday, October 4, 2012

1st Presidential Debate confirms Obama's lack of qualifications..

What happened in the first presidential debate in the 2012 election was nothing short of surprising.  To Republicans and conservatives, it was surprising because it showed a Mitt Romney that not only had the right answers, but a Mitt Romney that looked in complete command on the stage.  You could say he looked....Presidential.   To fervent Obama supporters, it was surprising because it showed a sitting president who stammered and bumbled for answers so much that he almost looked like he couldn't wait to bolt for the door when it was over.

For quite a few of us locally, our prayers were answered.  These debates are the only times where Romney can strut his stuff without any media or liberal spin distorting them.   These debates are also the only times you get to see how well a candidate knows his stuff.  We knew that if Romney had any chance to reach those unsure whom to vote for, or even those blindingly start struck by Obama, this would be it.  I fully believe Romney not only delivered, but over delivered in true "impress me" business fashion.

If you have any doubt how simultaneously this is a big victory for Romney and a big loss for Obama, you need to look no further than Obama's own supporters.  Within minutes, and in near virtual unanimity, Obama's supporters - including Bill Maher and a hilariously freaking out Chris Matthews - conceded victory to Romney.  Let this sink in.  These are people, including many in the media, who have done their level best to ignore or spin away Obama's failures while at the same time trying to find anything bad about Romney to talk about.  This is a media that was more concerned with Romney's chastisement of our administration's tepid response to Benghazi than it was about the administration's incompetence for letting it happen in the first place.  This is a media that was all too happy to talk about Romney's 47% comment endlessly despite their president was fund raising while the middle east burned.  For them, and other supporters, to admit defeat in such unequivocal terms just shows that Romney trounced Obama so bad, that they had nothing to spin on.  That is what you'd call a total victory, folks.

Naturally, there are some supporters that are hard at work doing damage control saying things like "this means NOTHING!" or that "this won't change people's minds!".   In other words, they're claiming it's a meaningless victory.  Aside from the fact that any time Obama's supporters trying to downplay a loss as meaningless means that it probably IS important, anyone that's really paying attention knows the truth:  it means a heck of a lot.  And here's why.

To sum it up, it shows a sitting president, despite four years of presidential experience under his belt, not really knowing what he's doing.  He couldn't defend his own ideas.  He couldn't effectively debunk Romney's ideas.  He showed how little he knows about the economy and how jobs are created.  It put on full 90 minute display what conservatives have been saying for years now:  he's not qualified to be president.  And even with 4 years (2 of them with complete Democrat control of Congress) to do things, his inability to even solidly get behind his own ideas reaffirms his lack of qualifications.  

Conservatives and republicans should use this victory to its utmost value over the next couple weeks.  While yeah, there are still two debates left, this one was the Big One about domestic policy.  If anything, bringing it up should get more people engaged in the next two presidential debates where they can see for themselves the stark difference between a presidential challenger and a president looking more like an unprepared challenger.  Yes, Mitt Romney will have to stay on his game for the next two debates, since Obama will undoubtedly come more prepared, though I personally suspect it will be more of the same.  You see, because the liberal media has been extra tough on conservatives and republicans, we've had to be on our toes constantly defending our positions and articulating our ideas.  And at the same time, there's not been much challenge to the other side, meaning they don't even know how to defend themselves and instead get mad that someone would dare challenge them.  You could see this quite clearly in Obama last night. 

Romney's performance will undoubtedly draw more of the undecided independents or disaffected Democrats to his side who finally got a chance to see him in action.  A couple more performances like this by Romney, and expecting a landslide on the level of Reagan vs Carter doesn't seem all that ridiculous.