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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why I blog, a brief history of me

As of late and quite recently, why I blog, particularly politically, has come into question.  Accusations that I've gone "way far right", that I'm a hate filled bigot, that I'm doing it for attention, or that because I blog I think I'm this special from the heavens voice on a pedestal have all been leveled against me.  And I was a little shocked to hear that.  Sure, I'm aware there's some negative stigma about bloggers these days, but I hadn't expected it to be so blatantly knee-jerk.  I mean surely someone who would read what I've written would point out any flaws in my arguments, which would lead to a debate or discussion.  That's what I expected.

What I didn't expect was for these accusations to come from people, in every case, that had not even bothered to read any of it.  For people claiming to be open minded, it seemed pretty much the opposite.  Though one of these accusers did accurately predict that I'd blog about it, the reasons for doing so are quite different than what he so callously assumes.   And that's why this post is here.  To explain why I blog and talk a little bit about me.  Of course, the hilarity is that I'm making a post to convince those who don't read my blog that I'm not what they think.   But even then, there's still more than that.

Why do I blog?  There's two big reasons.  First is, I need to have an outlet to express myself, regardless if anyone is listening or not.  This is my pulpit to get out my thoughts on various issues and it helps solidify my ideas into something more comprehensive.  And second, I'm not that great of a communicator.   The ideas and opinions I have are not simple ones.  There's a lot of thought behind them.  The sign of a great communicator is someone that can get across complex or big ideas clearly and concisely.  I struggle with this.    Many times I'll see issues pop up I'd like to respond to, but realize it's not a place for paragraph upon paragraph responses.   The forum in question is usually meant for short responses.   So instead, I'll blog about it, get it all down, understand where I'm coming from better, then maybe respond with something shorter.  And if I fail to deliver something concise and effective, at least I can provide a link for further reading.

The political blogging has an additional reason as well.  For nearly my entire life, and especially this last decade, I've seen how Republicans are labeled as dumb.  They're labeled as bigots.  They're homophobes.  They're racist.  While these I know to be false, the problem is I'd see Republicans and conservatives unable to mount an effective defense.  They seemed unable to fight back effectively.  So another reason I blog is so that when I'm in the trenches, so to speak, I could be more effective at dispelling such common falsehoods.  And maybe another conservative might stumble upon it and give them more ground to stand on.  Maybe someone who has a level head that believes all these bad things about Republicans might come away with a new perspective that makes them reconsider what they assumed was fact.

A little about me to cap this off.   For a long while, I held to what could be seen as more centrist, or even liberal views.  I always pride myself on looking at a situation critically and to not jump the gun on knee jerk, emotional reactions.  Deep down, I always leaned a little right on issues, but I would surpress it because I was unable to effectively reconcile those leanings.  Because I couldn't, I figured they might be the more irrational part of me that I needed to keep in check.

But then, I discovered some intellectuals that championed conservative causes.  I discovered a whole array of smart people who WERE able to make the arguments that I was unable to make for myself.  They showed me that not only what I was trying to suppress all this time was right, but that there's a very underhanded method deployed by the opposition to keep right leaning people thinking they're wrong and in the minority.  It was a breath of fresh air and a relief.  Not only wasn't I alone, but I was also in the majority.

In the process, I haven't lost my ability to view things objectively or critically.  In fact, I'd venture to say that I'm even better equipped than I was before.  I'm still the same person that will take a skeptic's view, but now armed with more, I can arrive at different conclusions.

And as it turns out, those conclusions turn out to be the same as they were when I was younger, revealing the wisdom of God and my parents.

I have no illusions that I'm perfect.  No illusions of grandiose authority.   I know for certain I need to get better at communicating my ideas effectively.  And so I blog, in hopes I'll get better and that if what I write can change the heart of just 1 person, I'll feel that it was time well spent.