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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Occupiers and Anonymous: The Liberals' Useful, Crybaby Idiots

This post is definitely a rant.  Even though I know I'm supposed to love everyone - especially those that deserve it the least, I cannot help but hold a special contempt for those that truly believe that this nation is oppressive, authoritarian, and evil to the point where they don the mantle of "resistance fighter" to fight back against the evil American regime.

It must suck to live in a country so free and prosperous that there is really no place for such radical activism. It must suck to grow up with all this pent up angst and being told you're a victim while you surf the readily, cheaply available internet on your incredibly slick and innovative mobile device, desktop computer, or tablet pc sipping your Starbucks latte, or  perhaps downing a Mt. Dew, or drinking Fiji bottled water and snacking mindlessly on readily available food from the conventiently, and cheaply, powered refrigerator.  It must suck to not find a productive outlet for this energy.  It must suck to not live in a truly oppressive country.  Maybe then, with a real opponent to direct such energy, can you feel at home resisting.

Oh wait, that's right.  If  you were living in a truly oppressive regime, you'd be tossed in jail and/or killed.  If you're truly living in a totalitarian or authoritarian country, there's a good chance you wouldn't be able to enjoy the things you take for granted, such as food and a warm, clean place to live, because that government's control of everything has killed the economy.  But hey, at least everyone's suffering equally, right?

America is the freest and most prosperous nation in the world.  Still is today, though thanks to liberal ideology dominating our political discourse as of late, that greatness is in decline.  This is why Anonymous and the Occupiers are the liberals' useful idiots:  They push their message of oppression, division, and hatred in the name of "social justice".  They're idiots because they think they're actually going to reap some bountiful utopian reward for finally "winning".  But I got news for these useful idiots:  In an ironic twist, YOU are being lied to...by the 1% you're evidently fighting against.  Because know who is going to reap the benefits of your labors?  The political elite liberals who would have all the power.  Oh, they'd say everyone is equal, but somehow they'd be able to justify their largess being "first among equals".

If you want to look at what's ahead for your anarchistic goals, all you need to do is look at Soviet Russia and Communist China.  Both regimes are responsible for killing millions of their own citizens via oppression, far far more than Nazi Germany did in WW2.  And up until recently, their economies were both horrid.  Most people lived in poverty and squalor while the Socialist political elites lived like kings.  And the funny thing is, the only reason China's economy has been to surge is because of capitalist free market policies being established.

People typically fled (and still do) those country to live ....where?  Yep, you guessed it:  "authoriatarian, oppressive" America and its greedy capitalist system.   Huh, why would they want to come here if it's so terrible here?

Futhermore, if you were really against fighting oppression, why aren't you fighting or protesting against those countries that oppress people just for choosing to be Christian or a religion that isn't Islam?  Or what about those socialist states where the government class lives in luxury while its citizen live in true poverty? Or those countries that imprison peaceful, lawful protestors and political opponents?

Quit being useful idiots and start being truly useful.  You should be fighting against the rising tide of the Leftist rhetoric that's destroying everything that's made this country great.  If you want to really be resistance fighters, fight against the violent protesters and anarchists that harm innocent people and destroy property.  Then you'll get a taste of what "real" resistance is like at home.