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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Obamacare - Why it's so important to this election

Over the next few days, I'll be releasing more articles regarding Obamacare.   I was initially going to have this in one article, but it became so massive that I decided to break it up.  I already have posted my initial reaction to the Supreme Court's Obamacare ruling where I discuss the impact of Roberts' unprecedented ruling.  This first article talks about why Obamacare is important in these upcoming elections.  Future articles will talk about how liberals argue, what to expect from them regarding Obamacare, and also why Obamacare is so bad for our country.  Anyway, let's begin...

So it's been a week since the unforseen ruling that upheld Obamacare.  Hopefully we've all had our freak out and are ready to plow ahead.  Say what you will about Roberts' decision, the bottom line is he essentially punted this issue back to the political realm, forcing We the People to do something about it.  And if the past week has been any indication, it definitely has.  The decision has once again ignited the Tea Party and other like minded conservatives to fight against Big Government and its ever encroaching power over individual liberty.  That ruling has established the rallying cry for Republicans going into November, including Romney who immediately declared he'd work to repeal Obamacare from Day 1.  Coincidently, donations immediately started pouring in for Romney at an unprecedented rate.

Republicans will use Obamacare as their rallying cry to not only invigorate their base, but to also hopefully pull in Independents and conservative Democrats (yes, they do exist) to their side.

So make no mistake: this will be the dominant issue of the 2012 elections.   Not only the general election, but every congressional election.  Because in order to repeal Obamacare with expedience, Republicans need to at least hold the House and recapture the Senate, needing to win at least 14 of the 33 seats up for grabs.

But why is it so important?  If you look at Obamacare as a whole.  What it wants to do.  How it plans to do it.  How it passed.  How it was sold to the American public.  All of it.  When you look at it, it's a quintessential example of the liberal and progressive philosophy and agenda.  And what's the liberal agenda? Whats the end game, essentially?  It's controlling every aspect of an individual's life that they believe should be controlled.  Keep in mind, it's almost always well intended.  You are required to workout three times a week for a total 3 hours to stay healthy and are not allowed to drink more than 15oz of soda in a week in order to stay healthy.  You are required to watch the government funded news update at 7 every day to stay informed of important federal announcements and events.  You are required to purchase health insurance to lower the overall cost of health care.  See? They have your well being in mind and know what's best for you.   Sure, those look like extreme examples, right?  Right now, perhaps.  But remember, all it takes is the right justification, the right gradual nudging, to make someone open to such suggestions.  That's why it's important.  This is a huge push of that agenda.  It's important for those that truly believe in individual liberty to fight back.

No only that, but the nature of the legislation leads to a natural polarization between candidates.  Standing for Obamacare means you're for big government (as described above), are ok with increasing taxes on the middle class (70% of the tax increase will be shouldered by those making $120,000 and less), and are ok with the deceitful way with the bill was passed (claiming it's not a tax when it's only constitutional as a tax on top of the dumbfounding "We have to pass it first before we know what's in it" line by our favorite former Speaker Nancy Pelosi).  Any candidate supporting it is complicit with those and definitely must explain themselves.  Because one piece of legislation touches on a variety of political fronts that matter, it will be the center piece of just about every election.  

In the upcoming days, I'm hoping my articles will help prepare you for the battles to come.