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Monday, July 9, 2012

The conservative struggle - why this election is so important

While the implementation of Obamacare should worry every freedom loving American enough to rouse them to vote and has become the center piece of this election, I wanted to take the time to explain more on why this election is so important.  While Obamacare is a good focal point, this election goes beyond that.  It even goes beyond our struggling economy and astounding national debt.  While the Romney campaign is making this election a referendum on Obama's dismal record, there's a deeper ideological battle going on.

Many people complain about the "radical" and "divisive" Tea Party.  They're too combative.  They're too hostile.  They're responsible for the huge political polarization that exists today.  And while it seems the media , leftists, centrists, and even some "traditional" Republicans are content to paint them as the "right wing nut jobs", the truth is there's a very good reason why the Tea Party exists in the first place and why it is seen as being so controversial.  The reason is after Obamacare passed, they recognized the struggle going on and the dire position America was in.  We had, for all intents and purposes, an internationalist/socialist President that enjoyed a majority in the House and Senate that had a similar leaning.  Obamacare is the biggest power grab and overreach of the federal government since FDR's New Deal legislation was pushed through after cowing the Hughes Supreme Court into submission by threatening to pack the court with a leftist majority.  This type of legislation was a huge red flag that the federal government was pushing America in a direction that most Americans are opposed to.

And the problem?  Playing nice wasn't getting them anywhere.  In fact, "playing nice" was what got Obama into the White House to begin with.  McCain (along with a complicit media) caved to the pressure of playing nice and failed to vet a president that has an alarming amount of radical ties that would make even the most reserved American have serious doubts.  So the Tea Party saw the threat for what it was and knew not only was this current government bad for the people, but we were in a deeper ideological struggle.  And thankfully, the American people responded by ousting 63 members of the House, narrowing the Senate gap, and electing several like minded state governors (like Scott Walker).  

The point in this is that while people may bemoan and lament the political polarization of this country, the fact is that this polarization is a natural phenomenon due to the increasing drift to the left of current politicians (mostly Democrats, but some Republicans as well) at the time.  Being a "centrist" just wasn't enough.

Because, you see, the hardcore leftists are using a strategy that follows the teachings of Saul Alinsky: " Any revolutionary change must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward change among the mass of our people".  By being passive, non challenging, and friendly, they slowly push their own agenda without raising alarm.  It makes them look objective and reasonable, making anyone who vocally opposes them look like the irrational instigator while at the same time being able to hide their own radical agenda in plain sight.  In other words, the Tea Party really had no choice if they wanted to be effective (which evidently worked).

Ok, so we're in a deeper ideological struggle.  Got it.  Is that why this election is important?   While yes, it's more about what the election means to this ongoing struggle.  While it will continue to go on afterward, the results will be a turning point for either side.  It's about what's at stake.

If Obama wins:

  • Obamacare will almost assuredly take hold.  Even if conservatives control the House and Senate, the power of veto would require a 2/3 passage in both House and Senate to override.  Since Carter, there's been a total of 4 vetoes overridden against a Democratic President out of their combined 70 total vetoes, so it's very highly unlikely.  This is the beginning of socialized medicine.  And Vladmir Lenin (you know, the guy responsible for Communist Rusia) said "Socialized medicine is the keystone to the Arch of the Socialist State".  Let that sink in.
  • It will also prove that an election campaign based on lies and distraction is enough to win over the American people despite a President having a very dismal record.  It affirms that the Alinsky tactics work and that truth isn't as important as shaping perception.
  • It signals that more Americans want big government than personal liberty.  This is an important signal, because...
  • It gives Obama and his cronies free reign to fully enact the "fundamental change" he promised.  It's what the American people want, so that's what he's going to give them.  Checks and balances be damned.  Whatever he says is what the people wants.  This is not hyperbole.  He's already done this a couple times at least.
Bottom line is we'll become more and more like a global socialist state.  And the uniqueness that is American liberty and free markets, two things that make this country exceptional on the world stage will fade away.

However, if Romney wins:
  • Obamacare has a stronger chance of being repealed.  It'd still need to pass the House and Senate (which is why all congressional elections are important), but instead of a veto wielding president we have a president waiting for the repeal bill to hit his desk so he can sign it.  It will allow us to come up with better solutions that fix the real problem (seedy relationships between hospitals - not doctors, medical and pharmaceutical companies, employers, unions, and insurers) and allow free market competition to breed lower premiums and costs.
  • It will show that people recognize the deceitful tactics of the left and have had enough of them.
  • And it also shows that we value liberty and American exceptionalism's opportunities over a "nanny state".  
  • It brings us back to common sense and allows us to fix the problems that have been in place for a little over a decade now.  
Bottom line here is if conservatives win, it'll be a turning point for this country as we pivot back to the vision of the founding fathers and reject the failed policies of socialism.  That we recognize the deceitful tactics of the hardcore leftists and are unquestioningly reject them.  It's a victory conservatives sorely need.  The battle against socialism and is never ending, but we can never give up the good fight.

So why is this election so important?  It's because it's a battle for the heart of America itself.  Don't be fooled by those crying "Alarmist!".  Remember that's what the left wants: for you to be docile, lethargic, and "nice" enough not to raise opposition.  It's an uphill battle for conservatives because we've lost so much ground.  Just keep in mind that if we do nothing, they win.