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Monday, July 30, 2012

A perfect example of immoral leftist activism

I just read an article about a "World Naked Bike Ride" in St. Louis.  What't the purpose of this bike ride?:
“protest oil dependency,“ ”raise awareness of cyclist rights,“ and advocate a ”positive body image” by taking to the streets of St. Louis on their bicycles.
 So, let's take a look at a few points...

First, they're "protesting" and "raising awareness" (two buzz phrases used by activists) by.....riding on their bikes naked throughout St. Louis.  So how exactly does this accomplish these goals?  Are those repulsed by the vulgarity of someone biking naked through the city supposed to immediately get what they're protesting?  And if they do, are they also supposed to go "Oh hey, wow, yeah. I'd never thought of these issues if you hadn't ridden stark naked on a bike in front me!"  More likely, people will just be like "What the hell?", get mildly irritated at the flashy (fleshy?) display, then move on with their lives or maybe even call the cops.   in other words, cycling naked through the city does just about nothing to forward these "causes".

Second, such an activity highlights a very annoying, disturbing, yet predictable trend among leftist activists; which is to deliberately find something morally objectionable, flaunt it publicly, then attach a cadre of "causes" to the activity in order to justify its use.  It's intended to "open our eyes and minds" to their causes and urge to "think differently".  Which, of course, is just arrogant intellectual self aggrandizing garbage.  It reminds me of those stoners that always have these awesome "mind blowing" ideas to solve the world's problems....except they're ideas that are almost always terrible and/or have been tried by actual smart people who, you know, actually do things to find that they don't work.  Oh wait, chances are the people that thought up this bike ride are probably those same kind of stoners.

Third, I'll go out on a limb and say no one cares to see these people naked in public.  Perhaps that's their point, but it's a pretty dumb one. Repulsively shocking someone isn't going to gain you any followers.  There's a right way to raise awareness and actually do something.  Riding through the streets naked isn't it.  It's childish to say the least.

And lastly, evidently some people brought their children to this event.  This is the disturbing part for me.  Instead of instilling some proper morals into their kids, these parents are taking them to highly inappropriate activist activities, teaching them that extreme, ineffective activism is important.   It's irresponsible and a good reason why this country is in the moral decaying state it's in.  If it's ok to cycle through the city naked to "protest" and "raise awareness", then what else is ok?  Damage property? Steal? Public sex?  

The sad thing is leftists do this kind of activism all the time.  If you want to point to an example of ideology that is flawed and destined to fail, this type of activism is a good one.