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Friday, June 22, 2012

Race, race baiting, and white apologism...

There isn't alot which enrages me more than the wailing of race baiters.  You know, the people that cry racism any time it's perceived a member of racial minority doesn't receive justice against a member of the racial majority.

The reason it enrages me is how transparent their supposed altruistic goals are.   They claim to do this in the name of social justice when in fact all they really want is special treatment for said minority.  That's what it boils down to.  They're exploiting and continually reviving the racial tensions in this country in order to get special treatment and more influence.  

This isn't to say I don't believe that racism was never an issue because it definitely was.  It was when slavery was legal.  It was alive in the wild west to Chinese immigrants.  It was alive upuntil the 1960's.  It's not a part of my country's past I'm particularly proud of.  But then came Martin Luther King Jr and Civil Rights Movement.  And I firmly believe in the 40 - 50 years since then that racism is no longer the huge issue it was back then.  Yes, racism does exist and it always will to a certain extent, but we have become a far more colorblind society where those extreme racists are a small, yet perhaps loud, minority.

Part of the problem that enrages me is the racial double standard that our culture has developed.  While it's heavily frowned upon for a white person to crack a racial joke about a black person, the opposite is conveniently overlooked.  Growing up in southern California, I got to experience this first hand.  It was ok for the latinos and blacks to call me white boy, honkey, or cracker, yet there would be outrage if I were to use similar slurs.  

This is a big problem we have in America.   People in the majority are made to feel guilty for being in the majority and their majority beliefs.  It happens with non white generated racism.  It's as if our society is guiltily giving them a pass because they were oppressed or are a minority.  This is a HUGE mistake.   While we should be apologetic for what happened, we shouldn't allow racism of any flavor. By allowing this behavior, we've pretty much told minority races that it's ok to be racist against whites.  

And the race baiters have been exploiting that ever since.   They know that white Americans have been conditioned to feel bad for being white and feel bad for criticizing a minority even if the critique isn't racially motivated.  Make no mistake, these people that are out for "social justice" really mean they want special treatment to further their own agenda.   Heck, some even, including President Obama himself, subscribe to Critical Race Theory which basically states that the entire nation, its laws, and its Constitution are racist because it was founded by a bunch of white guys.  

And that, my friends, is racism.  It's walking, talking irony.  It's a problem that doesn't really exist today in the magnitude it did 40 - 50 years ago.   Here's the irony:  the only reason racism is an issue today is because race baiters keep making it an issue despite their claims being absolutely ridiculous and refuted constantly.   Yet, when there's a lull in the racism temperature (ie people go back to their normal lives where racism isn't an issue), the race baiters simply claim that we're all "blinded" into believing it isn't a problem and thus manufacture the problem for us.  

They're hypocrites and shame every other legitimate civil rights activist that has come before them. Not just mere hypocrites, but sleazy, deceitful racemongers that are only using it as a means for their own benefit.   It's utterly despicable.  

What's actually funny is that there's all this rabble about race and inequality.  Yet, the actual factor that influences inequality is the financial factor.  Money.  It's not black people don't have as many opportunities as white people.  It's poor people who don't have as many opportunities as better off people.  Yeah, perhaps there's a disproportionate amount of certain minorities that are poor, but that's not an indication of racism.  

You know what else is funny about all this is that with all this racism talk, no one seems to notice the Asians.    They, particularly the Chinese and Japanese, have suffered their own level of racism in this country. Yet, for some reason, they've done just fine for themselves as a whole.  How often do you hear about a racism case that involves an Asian?  Like, never.   The reason I bring this up is point out that those think this country is racist because there's a disproportionate amount of poor blacks or latinos  conveniently forget about the Asians. Among the economic classes in this country, a poor white guy and a poor black guy have just about the same opportunity to better themselves.  In fact, the poor black guy ends up having MORE opportunity thanks to special racist organizations that specifically cater to one race or simply to just non white races.

This country needs to stop with the special treatment of minority races.  By giving special treatment, it conditions minorities to feel they're entitled to it.  Next thing, they're emboldened to demand, crying racism when they're denied.  The irony here is that it's the special treatment they're demanding for that keeps them from breaking out of the poor paradigm.   When you can demand, and expect, someone else to give you free stuff and special treatment, there's no motivation to want to better yourself on your own.  And bettering one's self on their own is the hallmark of the American Dream.  

Racial special treatment is a form of racism that has conditioned greedy race baiters to push their own agenda until they've taken away everything from hard working white people.  That's the bottom line:  They ultimately want to reap the spoils of the majority's success.   It's contrary to the American Dream and should be rejected at every turn.