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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obamacare - Chief Justice Roberts might have just won the election for Romney.

Yes, Romney.  Not Obama.  But before we get to that, let's process the decision...

Wow.  Just wow.  

While everyone was so focused on Kennedy being the deciding vote, it turns out it was Chief Justice Roberts who ended up being the proverbial "swing vote".  Never saw that one coming.  I'm not really sure what his thinking is and probably will not know until I get a chance to read his majority opinion.  While the mandate somehow survives as a tax, that seems rather semantic and technical when it comes to the government essentially forcing people to buy a product because they have a heartbeat.  Whether it's a tax or a penalty, the bottom line is:  You will pay for not having insurance.  This sets a very dangerous precedent.  One that could easily slide down the slope of the government forcing us to do whatever they feel is "necessary".  

But, this doesn't mean that's going to happen, just that we're now one step closer to that being a reality.  So take a deep breath.  Go ahead, take one.  Now take another one.  Get up, get a glass of water.  While we can spend all day asking "What the hell was CJ Roberts thinking?", it really does no good.  The ruling is in, Obamacare survives almost wholly intact.  

But, this is not the end.  In fact, you could say Roberts, whether intentionally or not has probably just given Romney the biggest boost to his campaign that no amount of Super PAC money ever could:  a bunch of pissed off conservatives who now will look to November as their last hope to stop Obamacare.  Do you remember what happened when Congress passed Obamacare (via party lines) back in 2010?  In case you've forgotten, it gave rise to the Tea Party.  And no matter what mainstream media outlets say, it is largely responsible for this latest push of conservatism, resulting in the 2010 mid term elections which provided one of the biggest conservative victories in decades, giving them the majority of the House, narrowing the senate gap as well as giving them more control over state legislatures and governorships (including Scott Walker).  In other words, the last time the government foisted Obamacare upon us, the American people responded by ousting 63 Democrats from the House and 6 from the Senate.  

Keep in mind, in many conservative American's mind, the Supreme court's usually conservative leaning was seen as a fail safe for Obamacare.  And now with that fail safe gone, there's only one course of action left:  Repeal.  In addition to that, it sends a message to us that we have to make sure to elect a government that have their feet firmly planted as to not slide down the slippery slope this ruling has laid before them.  

The ruling, while having many implications of government influence, is largely irrelevant if we can get the government in place to repeal the legislation.  No, it's not quite as simple as relying on 9 judges to interpret the law, but the simple truth remains:  the power to keep our government from continually eroding our personal freedoms is ultimately in our hands now.  

In essence, Chief Justice Roberts told us:  "If you don't like the law, elect a government that will get rid of it and never dream of putting anything like this in place."  Message acknowledged loud and clear. 

Now is not the time to panic and give up.  This is what the current administration and all the lefttists and progressives want.  They want you to be demoralized and give in to the "omg our country is doomed!".  That's when we really lose.  Because make no mistake:  we ARE in a battle for liberty.   Just like Ronald Reagan's famous rendezvous with destiny speech , there is a point where we say enough and a proverbial line in the sand.  Instead of appeasement, our choice is overcoming lethargy, indifference, and demoralization.  We only lose when we give up.  I'm not giving up.

If you're like me and oppose not only the vast overreaching of Obamacare's mandate, but also the fact that it's going to cost 2 trillion dollars over 10 years when fully implemented, it's time to step up and do our parts to send a message this November by kicking Obama out of office and electing government officials that stand for personal liberty and the core conservative values that have kept this nation the exceptional power that it is for over 225 years.   

And if you need more reasons why Obama is bad for America, read my own reasons why I don't want another 4 years of Obama.

Get local.  Get involved in your home town's Congressional race.  Know your senators.  Don't be afraid to engage in conversation with liberals.  I have a theory that states most people are conservative and don't even realize it.  Some have been pandered to for so long that they've been led to believe the causes they're supporting mirror own when in fact it's conservative principles that are the vehicle to such success.  As Scott Walker said, have the courage to do what's right.   

It's now up to the people to take back this country.  Let's make November 2010 look like the calm before the storm that is the elections in 2012.  And along the way, thank Chief Justice Roberts for giving people the motivation to do it.