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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The true face of Hypocrisy and Tyranny

Welcome to Just One Conservative, folks.  

Kicking off this blog with a savage hypocrisy that's running through this country.   That is, of course, the whole Trayvon Martin media fiasco that is playing out.   I'm sure anyone reading this blog knows the story, but let's recap...

This is what was initially sold to the public:  A white guy named George Zimmerman shot and killed black 17 year old unarmed Trayvon Martin and walked away scott free.   

When the story finally broke nation wide (which btw, was weeks after the incident actually happened), it set ablaze the ever present and undying racial tensions coursing through this country.   Only knowing what they were told, the stage was set:  There was once again injustice of astronomic proportions leveled at a black person perpetrated by a white person.

However, as the story gained attention, so did the facts.   Here's story, after the facts came out:

George Zimmerman, a half white, half hispanic (who identifies hispanic) was the neighborhood watch captain.  Over the last few weeks, there have been a slew of break ins within the gated community in which he lived and watched over.   One night, he observed a person (Martin) acting suspicious: 

This guy looks like he is up to no good or he is on drugs or something." He further stated that the person he was observing had his hand in his waistband, was holding something in his other hand, and was walking around slowly in the rain looking at houses

He pursued the individual, but last track of him.  As he was about to get back into his vehicle, Martin approached him, asked if he had a problem.  Zimmerman resonded "No", then Martin replied with "Well you do now", then punched him in the face, knocked him down, then started beating his head into the ground.  Zimmerman called for help, but not receiving any, he pulled out his gun and shot Martin once in the chest.  

Zimmerman was taken the police station where he was held until morning before being released.  

Over the course of the next few weeks, calls for Zimmerman's arrest and capture were far and widespread.   Spike Lee even tweeted what he believed to be Zimmerman's address, only for it to be an elderly couple who ended up having to move due to the amount of harrassment and death threats they were receiving.  The mainstream news outlets seemed to do their best to paint Zimmerman a racist.  NBC went as far as to selectively edit the 911 call to make it seem like that Zimmerman blatantly said "He looks black".  Everywhere, somehow the hoodie became a symbol against racial profiling (huh?).    The media tried again to cry conspiracy by positing that it appeared that Zimmerman didn't have any injuries that mirrored what he claimed happened.

Yet in the following weeks, all that was disproven.   NBC was called out for their editing.   More detailed pictures were relased showing Zimmerman's injuries which corroborate his story.  From all accounts and purposes, the sanford police department did their jobs as they're supposed to do them.  From the evidence of personal injury on Zimmerman and eyewitnesses, it seemed like a case of self defense invoking the state's Stand Your Ground laws - which state that in a situation where you legitimately believe your life is in danger, you can respond with lethal force if you feel it's necessary.  Given that Zimmerman called for help, to which no one responded, and his head was being bashed into the ground, it's pretty easy to see why he felt his life was in danger.  

Now again, weeks later, Zimmerman is being charged with second degree murder.  Perhaps they have something the public isn't seeing, but from our perspectives (or those willing to calmly look at the evidence as we know it) this is a manslaughter charge worst case scenario.   Either way, we've been set up for another Rodney King and/or OJ trial.   Just perfect.  

The twittersphere lately has been filled with messages of people threatening to riot if zimmerman is innocent.  Even people wanting to kill Zimmerman now that he's released on bail.   

And this is where the true face of hypocrisy and tyranny shines through.  These people are screaming for justice, yet are threatening widespread violence if they don't get the justice they want.   They want justice, yet they're willing to kill the man before he even goes to trial.  Because that's what they feel should happen. 

Folks, that is the epitome of hypocrisy and tyranny.  These people rant about the tyranny of the justice system and those in power, yet look at the tactics they're employing:  Threats of violence if they don't get what they want.  Mob justice.  I don't know about you, but that sounds an awful lot like terrorism to me.  This is the exact kind of the thing the justice system was designed to thwart and avoid.  Mob justice.  People making judgments that are based on feeling, rather than facts.   

These people don't want true justice.  They want to punish who they think should be punished, based on lies and half truths that frame an unfair narrative.   And the kicker is, they're all an unwitting tool being used by those who wish to use the race card to further their own agendas.  

If you don't believe that, ask yourself:   Why is a local self defense case like this gaining federal attention?   Cases like this happen all over the country every day with the actors being of different races and ethnicities.   There is absolutely no reason a case like this should be getting the attention it's getting.   So why push this case and not the hundreds of others?   Why not push a case where there's a black perpetrator and a non black victim?  Why push a case like this a year ago? Why now?   Because those pushing the case into the national spotlight want to inflame racial tensions so when it comes time to vote in November race, and not the failing economy, are what's on everyone's mind.  It's a disgusting rhetorical tactic used to take the spotlight off of 3.5 years of failed policy and to remind blacks that white people are "the enemy" (nevermind that Zimmerman is half hispanic and identifies as such).   

I encourage anyone to justify the lynching of George Zimmerman.  I encourage anyone to justify the rioting, violence, and destruction being threatened should he not be found guilty.  Tell me why it's ok to break the law when you feel it's needed.  Tell me how subverting the justice system is ok.  Really.  Tell me.   I'm waiting.